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No need for an app.

An AR Code is a type of barcode containing the information necessary to reproduce an augmented reality 3D experience without requiring any app. Start creating, managing, editing, and tracking your AR experiences.

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Natively readable on Android and iOS.

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How to scan an AR Code?

An AR Code is universal and can be scanned on Android and iOS devices by default. Immersive AR rendering is supported on iOS>13.0 and Android>9.0, older versions will have access to a WebAR rendering flying over the code. WebAR is supported on Android>4.4 and iOS>11.0 devices using AR.js technology with an AR marker.

Add AR experiences anywhere

AR Code technology has the potential to enhance a wide variety of products and materials. By using AR QR codes, businesses and organizations can easily add interactive, digital experiences to these materials, making them more engaging and informative for users.


AR Code Books

Bottles & Cans

AR Code Bottles Cans


AR Code Clothing

Displays & Windows

AR Code Displays Windows

Newspapers & Magazines

AR Code Newspapers Magazines

Machinery & Equipment

AR Code Machinery Equipment

Three types of AR rendering

AR Codes can be used to access different types of AR rendering, including Immersive AR, Social media AR, and Flying over AR.

immersive AR rendering Social media AR rendering Flying over AR rendering

Immersive, Social Media & Flying over AR

  • Immersive AR: displays AR experiences in your direct environment: 3D objects, 3D animations, photogrammetric 3D scans, VR immersion,...
  • Social Media AR: displays AR filters from the major social media AR ecosystems. Available platforms: Lens Studio for Snapchat Lenses / Spark AR for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram AR effects.
  • Flying Over AR: displays videos, 3D models or remote data flying over an AR QR Code; text data can be edited remotely via our web interface or API.

Augmented Reality Codes offer a wide range of possibilities for businesses, organizations, and individuals to create and share interactive, digital experiences.

Some potential uses for AR QR Codes include:

  • Enhancing product packaging, signage, and other materials with interactive, 3D digital content.
  • Creating immersive, interactive AR experiences for customers or users, such as virtual tours or product demonstrations.
  • Providing information and instructions in Augmented Reality.
  • Adding AR to games and other entertainment experiences.
  • Creating AR marketing campaigns that attract attention and drive engagement.

The use of AR Codes allows for the creation of unique and engaging experiences that can enhance a wide variety of products, services, and materials.

Web interface & apps to easily create 3D models

AR Frame, AR Portal, and AR Text are our 3 iOS mobile apps that can be used to create stunning 3D models and their linked AR Codes.

AR Text

The "Text to AR" mobile app by AR Code

ARCode Text example
You can now create 3D texts and their AR Codes from our web interface or from the AR Text mobile application. The AR Text iOS application allows you to create an AR experience instantly by entering text, choosing its font and color.

AR Frame

The "Photo to AR" mobile app by AR Code

ARCode Frame example
Create 3D photo and their AR Codes directly from the web interface or the AR Frame mobile application. Display stunning AR frames that can include photos, images, paintings, menus, documents, ...

AR Portal

The "360 photos to AR" mobile app by AR Code

ARCode Portal example
You can generate your own AR Portals and their AR Codes directly from the web interface or the AR Portal app. The AR Portal app allows you to create immersive AR Portals experiences by uploading 360° photos generated via the Google Street View app or a 360 camera.
AR Logo is a feature available on our web interface that allows users to create stunning 3D augmented reality logos from SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) image files. This 3D AR logo can then be accessed using its AR Code, allowing users to view it in AR on their smartphone or other device. The feature also provides tools for previewing the finished 3D AR Logo.
AR Logo Suzuki

Augmented Reality API

The AR Code API allows users to display text data from a remote server in augmented reality by overlaying it on an AR QR Code in the user's real-world view. To do this, the API accesses the data from our remote AR Cloud server and utilizes AR Code rendering technology.

AR Code Flying Over API v1.0

The first version lets you generate and edit "Flying Over" codes. This API also provides AR Codes scans statistics. Our API is the perfect way to display remote data anywhere: member card info, IoT data, pricing display, ... AR Code API v1.0

Here is an ARCode linked to our API displaying a different quote every minute:

Quotes AR QR Code

Create, Manage, Edit, and Track your AR QR Codes

3D Creation

AR Code Edition


Powerful Dashboard

AR Code Management

Tracking and Statistics

Dedicated AR Cloud platform

  • AR Code creation, edition, management, and sharing.
  • Easy 3D model creation through a web interface and apps (AR Text, AR Portal, AR Frame).
  • Detailed tracking stats including location, operating system, and web browser.
  • Re-targeting for Facebook/Meta, Google AdWords, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads.
  • 3D model edition, conversion, and compression through AR Code Studio and support.
  • AR Cloud hosting with high performance and scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • Team work tailored to large organizations.
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Revolutionize every business

The use of AR Code technology is likely to have a significant impact on a variety of professions, including those in the real estate, advertising, education, museum, sports, and manufacturing industries. As a result, we are developing specific solutions for incorporating AR Code technology into their operations:

To help businesses in various industries incorporate specific AR Code experiences, we also have developed a mobile application that allows users to quickly and easily access AR rendering through the use of AR QR Codes. This iOS brandable app allows businesses to create and display their own AR Codes specific experiences. Here is the iOS version.