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Display Remote Text Data on an AR QR Code with the AR Data Feature and Its API

WebAR | 18/12/2023 |

Augmented Reality is revolutionizing the way we interact with digital information. AR Code's AR Data feature, allows users to display text dynamically and remotely over AR QR Codes. This article explores the capabilities of the AR Data feature, focusing on its use for displaying remote data and how it integrates with the API for enhanced flexibility and control.

The Capabilities of the AR Data AR Codes

The AR Data feature in AR Code enables users to display text in an augmented reality environment using AR QR Codes. It leverages AR.js and A-Frame technology for a seamless and immersive experience. It allows the display of remote data over an AR QR Code, which can be edited and updated in real-time through a web interface or the API.

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How to Create and Edit a AR Data AR Code

To create an AR Code, input all customizable parameters and set a password for future modifications. Successful creation returns a JSON object with the reference ID and AR Code URL.

The AR Data can be edited directly through the AR Code interface or via the API, offering versatility in managing content remotely.

Editing an AR Code via the interface is fast and simple, just login and click on the dedicated "edit" button of your code. To edit the AR Code through the API, provide the reference ID, password, and new parameters. This process updates the AR experience seamlessly.

Customization Options:

  • Font Size: Adjust the text size.
  • Text Color: Choose from a range of colors to suit your brand or theme.
  • Background Size: Modify the background size for clarity and emphasis.
  • Background Color: Select a background color to complement your text.

Accessing Scan Statistics and tracking

Understanding user engagement is crucial. Through the AR Code interface, you can access the scan statistics of your AR Codes and deploy tracking. Additionally, by using the API and providing the reference ID and password, users can retrieve detailed scan statistics of their AR Codes, gaining valuable insights into user interactions and the effectiveness of their content.

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Please note that tracking and retargeting features are only available for AR Code premium accounts (STANDARD and PRO plans).

Applications and Benefits

Machinery and Industrial Environment

Augmented Reality offers transformative benefits to industrial companies, enhancing efficiency and productivity at multiple levels. The AR Data feature of AR Code plays a pivotal role in this revolution. By displaying real-time, AR remote data about machinery, servers, sensors, and more, this feature brings critical information directly to the forefront. Workers, particularly in maintenance teams, benefit from this innovative approach as it allows them to access essential data dynamically, directly over the code. This integration not only streamlines the maintenance process but also significantly boosts worker productivity and reduces the time spent on manual data retrieval.

Enhancing Shipment Tracking with AR Code API:

The integration of AR Code's API offers a revolutionary approach to managing logistics. By linking the AR Data API with AR Codes on packages, companies can display real-time, remote information about their shipments. This feature enables the visualization of critical data such as parcel status, destination, and content references directly over the code. This innovation not only simplifies tracking and management but also significantly boosts operational efficiency, providing a seamless and modern solution for businesses in the realm of shipping and delivery.

Smart Cities:

In Smart cities, AR Code's AR Data feature revolutionizes how citizens interact with their urban environment. Providing real-time information through AR QR Codes, this technology enhances access to essential city services like public transport schedules and environmental monitoring. It facilitates efficient urban living, from easing daily commutes to enabling informed participation in community activities. By integrating AR into cityscapes, smart cities enhance both citizen engagement and operational efficiency.

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Marketing and Advertising

In marketing, the AR Data feature enables brands to dynamically update promotional content or advertisements over their AR QR Codes, keeping the messaging fresh and relevant. It could also display remote data about a promotional code or offer.

Educational Enhancements:

For educational purposes, this feature can augment physical locations or objects with informative text, providing an interactive learning environment.

Event Engagement:

At events, the AR Data can be used to display real-time information such as schedules or speaker details, improving the attendee experience.


The AR Data feature of AR Code, with its ability to display remote data on an AR QR Code, offers a novel and impactful way of engaging with digital content in the physical world. As we continue to explore the possibilities of AR, the AR Data feature stands as a testament to the innovative spirit of AR technology.

For more insights and updates on augmented reality technologies, visit our blog at AR Code Blog.

Frequently asked questions

What is the AR Data feature in AR Code?

The AR Data feature in AR Code allows users to display dynamic and remote text data over AR QR Codes. It utilizes AR.js and A-Frame technology for an immersive augmented reality experience.

How can I create an AR Code with the AR Data feature?

To create an AR Code with the AR Data feature, input all customizable parameters such as font size, text color, background size, and background color, and set a password for future edits. A successful creation returns a JSON object with the reference ID and AR Code URL.

Can the AR Data feature be edited after creation?

Yes, the AR Data can be edited directly through the AR Code interface or via the API. Editing via the interface is fast and straightforward, while editing through the API requires the reference ID, password, and new parameters.

What are some applications of the AR Data feature?

The AR Data feature has various applications including in machinery and industrial environments, shipment tracking, smart city implementations, marketing, advertising, education, and event management.

How does the AR Data feature enhance user engagement in smart cities?

In smart cities, the AR Data feature enhances user engagement by providing real-time information through AR QR Codes. This technology improves access to city services and facilitates efficient urban living.

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