AR Codes on Packaging to Display 3D Animations, Videos, or Data in Augmented Reality

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AR Code technology is transforming the way companies interact with customers by adding an AR QR Code to their packaging, allowing customers to access 3D content in augmented reality.

By scanning the AR Code with their smartphones, customers can enjoy an immersive digital experience in their environment without downloading any apps. This technology helps companies create engaging and interactive packaging, enhancing customer experience and giving them a competitive edge.

AR Code Enhances Packaging

Augmented Reality Code technology enables companies to engage with customers digitally by using a QR Code on packaging. Customers can access unique content specific to the product, such as a 3D representation of the product, tutorials, AR marketing content, and more.

Our technology allows packaging to be interactive, providing an informative and engaging experience for customers.

pizza hut ar packaging

Pizza Hut, Amazon, and Ikea are among the brands that are already using AR Codes to enhance customer experience and differentiate themselves from competitors. With AR Codes, companies can offer unique and immersive digital experiences that go beyond traditional product packaging.

Unique AR Experiences with AR Code

AR Code technology allows companies to create a unique and personalized augmented reality experience for each of their products. Unlike traditional QR Codes that only redirect users to a website, an AR Code provides instant access to an immersive and interactive AR experience without requiring users to download any additional mobile apps.

These codes can be scanned using any Android or Apple mobile device and will soon be compatible with AR glasses. This technology allows companies to differentiate themselves from competitors and offer a unique digital experience for their customers.

Creating AR Codes on the interface is simple, then all you need to do is print your AR Codes on any material, whether it be packaging, documents... You can also implement them on web pages or any digital support.

Displaying High-Definition 3D Models with AR Code

AR Code technology allows for the creation of immersive augmented reality experiences showcasing high-definition 3D models.

Companies can use AR Code platform to create their own unique 3D models or use tools such as AR Text, AR Photo, AR logo, and AR Portal to create simple 3D models online. This allows for a more engaging and interactive experience for customers who scan the AR Code on the packaging. Companies can create and upload their own 3D models on, which provides a simple and accessible platform to create unique AR experiences.

AR QR Code packaging

AR Videos on Packaging

AR Code technology offers a feature called AR Video, which allows companies to add a virtual screen playing videos with sound to their packaging. This video can be used for AR advertising or to provide product tutorials, offering a unique and engaging experience for customers who scan the AR Code on the packaging.

This feature allows companies to create more interactive and informative packaging that goes beyond traditional printed information.

AR Video coca

AR Code API for Remote Data Display

Our API tool allows companies to track their shipments using AR Code technology:

AR code api packaging

By linking the API to the AR Code, companies can display remote, real-time information about their shipments, such as the status of a parcel, its destination, or the reference of its contents. This allows for easier tracking and management of shipments, providing a convenient and innovative solution for businesses.


AR Code technology enhances product packaging by creating immersive and interactive experiences for customers, helping companies differentiate themselves from their competitors.

With the ability to create unique AR experiences for each product, companies can offer engaging and personalized digital experiences for their customers. Additionally, features such as high-definition 3D models, AR videos, and remote data display through the API tool provide further opportunities for businesses to innovate and engage with their customers through AR technology.

Frequently asked questions

How can AR Codes be used to enhance product packaging?

AR Codes can be used to provide unique and personalized AR content specific to each product packaging, such as 3D models, AR Texts, AR Videos, Remote text data and more..

How do companies create their own AR Codes?

Companies can create their own AR Codes on, which provides a platform to upload 3D models or create simple 3D models online with tools such as AR Text, AR Photo, AR logo, and AR Portal. Once created, AR Codes can be printed on packaging, documents, or implemented on web pages or any digital support.

What is the API tool for AR Codes?

The API tool allows companies to track their shipments using AR Code technology by linking the API to the AR Code. It displays remote, real-time information about shipments such as the status, destination, or reference of contents, providing a convenient and innovative solution for businesses to manage their shipments.

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