Boost User Engagement with Custom Links on AR Code

AR Code Tech | 11/09/2023

In the world of Augmented Reality, the AR Code's "Custom Link" tool stands out as a powerful ally. Integrated as a clickable banner, it emerges harmoniously during the visualization of an AR experience, thus offering a golden opportunity to enhance user engagement.

How AR QR Codes in Books and Magazines are Transforming the Reading Experience

AR Code Tech | 27/05/2023

AR Code technology is a powerful tool that is transforming the way we interact with digital content. This is especially true in the world of publishing, where AR QR Codes are being used to breathe new life into the printed page. Here's a closer look at how this exciting technology is being used to enhance the reader experience.

Digitalizing Restaurant Menus with Augmented Reality QR Codes

AR Code Tech | 12/05/2023

Augmented Reality is a rapidly advancing technology that allows users to interact with three-dimensional content in real-time, within their environment.

Scan AR Codes to Display Products from an Online Store in Augmented Reality

AR Code Tech | 23/03/2023

The AR Code web service revolutionizes the way companies showcase their products by integrating augmented reality experiences. This innovative approach creates immersive and interactive user experiences, enhancing the appeal and value of a company's products.

How Do I Scan AR Codes?

AR Code Tech | 13/03/2023

This tutorial will guide you through the process of scanning AR Codes on both iOS and Android devices. Depending on your device's operating system and web browser, AR Codes offer distinct Augmented Reality rendering. By following these instructions, you can obtain the best possible AR rendering results.

AR QR Codes: The Future of Interactive Advertising

AR Code Tech | 13/03/2023

The advertising industry strives to forge emotional connections between consumers and brands. Augmented Reality has brought about a paradigm shift in the advertising realm by significantly enhancing customer experiences. The advent of AR holds the potential to transform interactive advertising as we know it.

AR Video: Play Videos Over Augmented Reality QR Codes

AR Code Tech | 12/03/2023

Augmented Reality is a technology that enables digital content to be displayed in the real world. Currently, AR is mainly accessible through smartphones, but the introduction of augmented reality glasses in 2023 has expanded its reach.

How AR Code is going to Transform Industrial and Manufacturing Companies

AR Code Tech | 12/03/2023

Augmented Reality offers numerous benefits to industrial companies, their employees, and customers, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

How to add Augmented Reality on a Business Card with an AR QR Code ?

AR Code Tech | 11/03/2023

Discover the power of Augmented Reality technology and transform your business cards into unforgettable interactive experiences. With just a smartphone and an AR Code printed on your card, you can captivate your prospects and leave a lasting impression.

How to Track and Retarget Users from your AR QR Code Experiences?

AR Code Tech | 11/03/2023

Leverage conversion tracking tools from leading ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to gather valuable data on your AR Code experiences. Use this data to generate retargeted ads and monitor the performance of your AR Codes effectively.

AR Code Technology, The Future of Museums and Art exhibitions

AR Code Tech | 09/03/2023

AR Code technology has the potential to revolutionize the way museums and art exhibitions are experienced by visitors. With AR Code, museums and art exhibitions can offer a more interactive and immersive experience for visitors by allowing them to virtually explore exhibits and learn more about the artifacts on display.

AR Logo, to Automatically Design 3D logos from SVG image files

AR Code Tech | 05/03/2023

Augmented Reality is rapidly integrating into everyday online activities, becoming a vital technology for businesses seeking to stay competitive in the digital world. AR is widely used on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, offering users a variety of AR filters and effects to enhance their photos and videos.

Uploading 3D Models on AR Code, What File Size and Format?

AR Code Tech | 01/03/2023

AR Code is a platform offering a straightforward and efficient way to host and manage your 3D files, enabling you to design and share captivating AR experiences with your target audience. Upload your 3D files to the AR Code interface and create tailor-made AR Code experiences accessible anywhere through a QR Code scan without the need for any additional app.

Augmented Reality QR Codes in Corporate Product Catalogs

AR Code Tech | 27/02/2023

A corporate product catalog is a comprehensive listing of all the products that a company offers to its customers. It is a printed or digital document that provides detailed information about the products, such as their features, specifications, pricing, and availability.

Augmented Reality QR Codes in Sports Centers

AR Code Tech | 21/02/2023

AR Code is an innovative augmented reality technology designed to enrich daily experiences. Professionals can leverage it to develop their skills and gain recognition in various industries.

Marketing Agencies can easily offer AR Solutions using AR Code

AR Code Tech | 17/02/2023

Augmented Reality is a rapidly growing technology that has the potential to revolutionize the world of marketing. As such, marketing agencies that want to stay ahead of the curve must be prepared to offer AR solutions to their customers. Fortunately, with the right tools and resources, marketing agencies can easily incorporate AR into their campaigns and provide their customers with innovative and engaging experiences.

AR QR Codes for Event Promotional Materials: Brochures, Posters, or Flyers

AR Code Tech | 17/02/2023

Augmented Reality is a powerful technology for event organizers seeking innovative ways to promote their events and captivate audiences. By leveraging AR Code technology, event organizers can craft interactive and immersive experiences that highlight the best aspects of their events while delivering exclusive digital content to potential attendees.

3D NFTs can be viewed in Augmented Reality with an AR QR Code

AR Code Tech | 17/02/2023

At AR Code, we're convinced that Augmented Reality and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are on the brink of becoming mainstream, thanks to the ongoing Web3 revolution. These cutting-edge technologies hold the potential to vastly improve and expand how we engage with digital content and assets, offering fresh and innovative methods for businesses to captivate their customers. Our mission is to delve into and develop these technologies, facilitating the growth of both the AR and NFT sectors.

AR Codes: How They Work & Applications in Education

AR Code Tech | 16/02/2023

As Augmented Reality technologies advance and gain wider adoption, they have the potential to significantly transform educational experiences for future generations. AR can revolutionize learning by offering more engaging, interactive, and immersive educational content.

How to use Augmented Reality Codes in Real Estate business?

AR Code Tech | 15/02/2023

Revolutionize the real estate sector with AR Code technology, offering innovative ways for people to buy, sell, and interact with properties.

Celebrating Christmas with Augmented Reality Codes

AR Code Tech | 14/02/2023

With Christmas just around the corner, many are seeking unique and innovative ways to celebrate and share their faith. Augmented Reality Code technology has emerged as a popular solution in recent years.

How to create "Text to AR" experiences with the AR Text app by AR Code?

AR Code Tech | 11/02/2023

Introducing the innovative "Text to AR" feature on, which allows you to instantly create engaging augmented reality experiences from text. This feature is also available through the free AR Text iOS app (

AR Codes on Packaging to Display 3D Animations, Videos, or Data in Augmented Reality

AR Code Tech | 11/02/2023

AR Code technology is transforming the way companies interact with customers by adding an AR QR Code to their packaging, allowing customers to access 3D content in augmented reality. By scanning the AR Code with their smartphones, customers can enjoy an immersive digital experience in their environment without downloading any apps. This technology helps companies create engaging and interactive packaging, enhancing customer experience and giving them a competitive edge.

Enhancing Sports Events with AR Code: bring the FIFA World Cup to life

AR Code Tech | 08/02/2023

AR Code technology is transforming how we experience sports events, such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Augmented Reality enables fans to access 3D content and interactive experiences directly from their smartphones or tablets.

What are Custom Pages & How to create one?

AR Code Tech | 04/02/2023

Learn how to create a unique and branded AR experience with Custom Pages. This feature allows premium users to add a banner, logo, URL link, and messages on a special page that appears between the AR Code scan and its display. This is a great way to showcase your brand, drive user behavior, and enhance the AR experience.

How Augmented Reality Codes Can Make our Cities Smarter ?

AR Code Tech | 03/02/2023

In the era of Smart Cities, real-time information accessibility is vital for public understanding and active participation in urban life. With the rising prevalence of Augmented Reality compatible devices from companies like Apple, incorporating AR information displays in smart cities is becoming increasingly essential.

Augmented Reality QR Codes Enhance Collaborative Product Design

AR Code Tech | 02/02/2023

Collaboration is crucial for any project's success, and product design is no exception. However, traditional collaboration methods can be complicated, time-consuming, and costly. Fortunately, with the advent of AR Codes, there is a new, cost-effective, and efficient way to enhance collaboration in product design.

AR Code technology allows you to superimpose digital content, including 3D models, text, images, and video, onto the real world through the use of various devices such as smartphones, tablets, and dedicated AR headsets.

This technology enables you to experience the digital content as if it were part of the real world, creating the illusion of augmentation.

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