How to Manage the File Size Limitation for 3D Models on AR Code ?

Q & A | 12/12/2023 |

Using augmented reality in your projects can be an exciting and immersive way to express your ideas. However, working with AR and 3D models can sometimes be challenging, especially when trying to work within file size limitations. We're frequently asked about these restrictions, so we've decided to address one of the most common queries - how to manage the file size cap for 3D model uploads on AR Code.

Question: How can I reduce my AR project's 3D model to fit within AR Code's 15MB size limit?

Firstly, it's important to note why we have this file size cap. The 15MB limit ensures that users have a satisfactory experience when loading your AR content. On a standard mobile phone internet connection, a 15MB file typically translates to an average of about 15 seconds of loading time.

The overall size of your project depends on multiple factors, including the number and quality of texture files it contains, as well as the complexity of the 3D model's definition, i.e., the number of vertices.

To significantly reduce your project's size, you might need to compress or reduce the number of texture images and simplify the 3D model itself. We understand this can be a complex process, so to assist you, we offer a tutorial on how to reduce 3D model file sizes: How to Compress & Reduce the File Size of a 3D Model.

Donut demo

To optimize a 3D model for augmented reality with AR Code, you can also check out our step-by-step video tutorial available at this link: Optimize 3D Models for Augmented Reality.

Further understanding of the 3D file upload feature and its constraints can be gained from our dedicated information page: Uploading 3D Models on AR Code: What File Size and Format.


In conclusion, while the file size limit for 3D model uploads on AR Code may seem restricting initially, there are strategies and resources available to help you streamline and optimize your projects. As always, our team is ready to assist if you have any further queries or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the file size limit for 3D model uploads on AR Code?

The file size limit for 3D model uploads on AR Code is 15MB. This limit is set to ensure a satisfactory end-user experience, especially in terms of loading time on a standard mobile phone internet connection.

What happens if my 3D model project exceeds the file size limit on AR Code?

If your 3D model project exceeds the 15MB file size limit, you will need to reduce its size to fit within the limit. This can be achieved by eliminating a portion of the texture images or compressing your 3D model files.

How can I reduce the size of my 3D model project?

The overall size of your project is largely influenced by the number of texture files it contains. To significantly reduce the size, you might need to eliminate a considerable number of these texture images. Additionally, you can refer to AR Code's tutorial on how to compress and reduce the file size of a 3D model for more detailed information.

What file formats are acceptable for 3D model uploads on AR Code?

AR Code accepts a variety of 3D file formats including .GLB, .USDZ, .PLY, .STL, .FBX, .OBJ, .X3D, and .GLTF. If applicable, any linked textures should also be included in your upload.

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