VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to compress / reduce the size of an industrial 3D CAD model with MeshLab and Blender?

Tutorials | Monday 20th of March 2023 03:09:28 PM

We previously published tutorial on reducing 3D model sizes with Blender, an effective method for most 3D models, including animated ones. For high-definition static CAD models, we offer an alternative approach to achieve optimal results for your final AR render.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to compress / reduce the size of a 3D model in Blender (GLB, GLTF, DAE, FBX, OBJ...)?

Tutorials | Saturday 18th of March 2023 10:40:05 AM

Blender is a powerful open-source software designed for creating 3D graphics, animations, and visual effects. It supports a wide array of file formats for importing and exporting, including GLB, GLTF, DAE, OBJ, ABC, USD, BVH, PLY, STL, FBX, and X3D. This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for diverse 3D projects and workflows. (

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to convert a 3D CAD model from STP STEP or IGS IGES formats to GLB or OBJ

Tutorials | Friday 17th of March 2023 11:12:11 AM

3D CAD models are essential in professional settings such as industry and manufacturing, architecture firms, and design studios. These files can be manipulated and edited using specialized CAD software.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Display a 3D Scan Photogrammetry in Augmented Reality with an AR Code

Tutorials | Wednesday 8th of March 2023 06:17:28 AM

Discover how AR Code enables users to effortlessly upload and render photogrammetric scans of their creations in augmented reality, sharing them through AR QR Codes for an immersive experience.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to convert a 3D file (.stl, .obj, .fbx, .dae to .glb or .gltf) on AR Code Studio ?

Tutorials | Thursday 2nd of March 2023 07:55:39 AM

AR Code Studio is a powerful online 3D editing platform that enables users to create, convert, and export 3D files in various formats. As a core component of the AR Code project, this cutting-edge software streamlines the process of generating Augmented Reality QR Codes through an intuitive cloud-based service.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Generate 3D Text on AR Code

Tutorials | Thursday 23rd of February 2023 10:10:47 AM

The AR Text feature is a groundbreaking innovation that brings text to life, allowing users to experience it in an immersive and interactive way.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Create an AR 3D Photo on AR Code

Tutorials | Thursday 23rd of February 2023 09:40:36 AM

AR Code offers two innovative interfaces that enable users to effortlessly create immersive 3D Augmented Reality photos. These user-friendly tools bring AR photo technology within reach of everyone, simplifying the creation process and making their sharing more enjoyable through AR QR Codes.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to create an AR Portal and anchor it with an AR Code?

Tutorials | Friday 17th of February 2023 09:53:30 AM

AR Portals are immersive Augmented Reality experiences that can revolutionize the way businesses showcase their products or services, providing potential customers with a deeper level of engagement before making a purchase decision.

Discover the power of AR Code technology with our comprehensive tutorials. These guides are designed to help you learn and explore the various capabilities of AR Code, from 3D modeling to the AR Code interface itself.

Our selection of AR tutorials cater to a diverse range of interests and skill levels, including those focusing on 3D modeling and others that delve into the AR Code interface and its applications.

Master 3D Modeling with These Tutorials

Our 3D modeling tutorials serve as invaluable resources for those looking to create 3D models for AR applications. These guides cover an extensive range of topics, such as basic 3D modeling techniques, advanced modeling strategies, and expert tips for crafting realistic and immersive models. Among the popular 3D modeling software programs frequently used for AR are Blender, Maya, and 3ds Max.

AR Code Interface Tutorials: Create and Manage Your AR Experiences

For those seeking to harness AR Code technology for creating and showcasing AR content, our AR Code interface tutorials are just what you need. These comprehensive guides encompass various topics, such as crafting AR Codes, displaying AR content via AR Codes, and customizing the appearance and functionality of AR Codes to enhance user experience.

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