VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to convert a 3D CAD model from STP STEP or IGS IGES formats to GLB or OBJ

Friday 15th of July 2022 11:12:11 AM |

3D CAD models are designed to be used in a professional environment such as industry, manufacturing, architecture agencies, design studios,... These 3D files can be manipulated by specific CAD software.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of these CAD software: Fusion 360 Autodesk, Solidworks, CorelCAD, AutoCAD, Tinkercad, FreeCAD, SketchUp, Bentley, LibreCAD, IRONCAD, Solid Edge, SOLVESPACE, BRL-CAD, Rhino, Siemens NX, QCAD, PTC , CATIA or OpenSCAD.

Converting a 3D CAD model can be done on its original design software but if you don't have access to it or it doesn't work, there is another way to do it. Please follow the tutorial below:

Convert a 3D CAD model to .GLB or .OBJ files with CAD Assistant

cad assistant

CAD Assistant is a 3D software that offers a free viewer and converter for commercial use. To download it, follow this link:

How to convert:

  • Open CAD Assistant
  • Select a 3D file to import in the following format: STP (STEP), IGS (IGES), LOG, OFF, 3DM, VRML, WRL, MSH, XBF, BREP, GLB, GLTF or OBJ
  • Export the file by saving it in .GLB or .OBJ format

Note that the .GLB format will retain more details of your model (organization of the meshes), the .OBJ model will bring all the meshes together it will then simplify any further processing on the 3D model such as reducing its size: Tutorial on reducing the size of a CAD 3D model

Video tutorial for CAD Assistant conversion and Augmented Reality display with AR Code

Converting a 3D CAD model to other file formats

Once your file is in .GLB or .OBJ format, it becomes easily convertible by classic 3D software like Blender or MeshLab. To download these software, please follow the links below:


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