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AR Face Filter Creation Simplified: Boost Brand Engagement with AR QR Codes

AR Code Tech | 28/05/2024 |

The AR Face Filter feature allows you to create personalized augmented reality experiences by displaying your image or logo on users' faces. This innovative tool is perfect for enhancing branding efforts, engaging sports club fans, and promoting company events. Thanks to AR Code AI technology, your AR Face Filters are universally accessible on any device without the need for an app.

Offer AR interaction with your brand logo through our AR Face Filters, providing users with a unique AR experience directly, without intermediary social media platform apps like Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

AR Face Filter for Sports Clubs and Events

AR Code Face Filter

Discover how AR Face Filters can enhance fan engagement by showcasing the FC Bayern logo on supporters' faces. This demo video highlights the seamless process of scanning a QR Code from a soccer match ticket to display the logo, making it perfect for sports clubs looking to boost fan interaction.

AR Face Filter for Company Branding and Events

AR Code Face filter branding

Boost your company's branding efforts with personalized AR Face Filters. With just a scan of the AR Code, your AR Filter will appear on the faces of your audience, enhancing brand visibility and engagement effortlessly.

AR Face Filter for Concerts, Festivals, and Fan Club Events

AR Face Filter event

Discover how AR Code's AR Face Filters revolutionize branding and engagement at festivals, concerts, and fan clubs. Our innovative AR Face technology lets you create in seconds personalized AR Filter experiences embedding your logo or image onto attendees' faces, no app or 3D skills required.

Enhance attendee interaction with a simple QR code scan, making your logo come alive on people's faces via any smartphone. Our AR Face Filters work universally through web browsers, providing easy and instant access.

Tutorial for Creating Your AR Face Filter in Seconds

Create tailor-made AR Face Filter experiences for enhancing branding efforts, engaging sports club fans, or promoting company events. By simply uploading your logo or image, you can generate an AR Face Filter in seconds, enhancing your brand engagement with a simple scan of an AR QR Code. This makes your logo come alive on users’ faces across any device, anywhere.

Our AR Face Filters require no apps, working universally on smartphones via a web browser, enhancing accessibility and ease of use. Seamlessly integrate digital branding with physical interactions and expand your marketing reach without needing specialized apps.

AR Face Filter creation tutorial

Follow our simple tutorial to create your AR Face Filter:

  • 1 - Log into your AR Code account.
  • 2 - Upload your image in the .PNG or .JPG format (Recommended image size: 1000px (width) x 660px (height)).
  • 3 - Preview it on a 3D avatar.
  • 4 - Generate your AR Code.
  • 5 - Scan it to see your AR Filter instantly on your face.

Enhance Your Marketing with AR Face Filters by AR Code

Maximize event impact with AR Face Filters: Utilize advanced tracking and analytics to refine your strategies and ensure maximum engagement. No 3D modeling or technical expertise required—just dynamic, shareable content that enhances your event's sociability.

The AR Face Filter feature by AR Code encourages dynamic interaction, allowing users to take photos and videos with your Face filter. When users share these images and videos, they directly contribute to your marketing efforts.

AR Face Filter tool

The option to use multi-face AR filters enhances your brand's sociability by creating engaging, shareable content. Increase user engagement with our AR Code platform tools, which include features like "Custom Links" and "Custom Pages". These tools provide direct calls-to-action, enhancing brand interaction.

Create AR QR Codes and access detailed scan statistics to optimize your campaigns effectively.


In summary, AR Face Filter creation with AR Code is a game-changer for brand engagement. This easy-to-use tool allows you to display your logo or image on users' faces through a simple QR code scan, accessible on any device without an app. Perfect for sports events, company branding, and festivals, AR Face Filters seamlessly blend digital and physical branding. Enhance your marketing efforts, boost visibility, and increase user interaction effortlessly with AR Code's innovative technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using AR Face Filters with AR Codes?

AR Face Filters by AR Code provide a unique creation platform, allowing you to generate an AR Face Filter with your logo or image within seconds. Additionally, comprehensive analytics track campaign effectiveness, which is a key feature of the AR Code platform.

Are AR Face Filters compatible with various devices?

Yes, AR Face Filters are universally accessible on any device via a web browser, allowing anyone to engage with your brand instantly without needing apps like Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat.

Why are analytics important in AR Face Filter marketing?

Analytics are crucial as they provide insights into user interactions with your AR Face Filter, helping your brand refine strategies and enhance engagement for better returns on investment.

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