AR Videos on the Meta Quest 3 with AR Code: A New Dimension of Immersive Advertising

Metaverse | 17/12/2023 |

The release of the Meta Quest 3 has heralded a new era in augmented reality, particularly in the realm of AR video content.

With AR Code technology and the hardware capabilities of the Meta Quest 3, you can now seamlessly display AR Videos in your direct environment, enhancing the visualization of dynamic content in ways previously unattainable. Below are four stellar examples showcasing the potential of AR videos on the Meta Quest 3:

Napoleon's Cinematic Journey by Ridley Scott

Imagine the trailer of Ridley Scott's "Napoleon" not confined to a screen but floating around you in Augmented Reality. The Meta Quest 3, combined with AR Code, allows viewers to step into scenes from the movie, experiencing the grandeur of historical battles and the intricacies of 19th-century France in an immersive, lifelike manner.

Napoleon trailer AR Video on the Meta Quest 3

Coca-Cola's Refreshing Twist in AR

Picture this - a Coca-Cola video commercial in augmented reality. Viewers wearing the Meta Quest 3 can witness this iconic advertisement.This type of advertising transcends traditional media, offering a truly interactive and memorable brand experience.

Coca cola AR video

Tim Cook Presents Apple Vision Pro in AR

Through the lens of the Meta Quest 3, viewers can experience an AR video of Tim Cook presenting the Apple Vision Pro. Looking forward to do the same in 2024 with an Apple AR headset.

Apple Tim Cook Apple vision pro AR video

Meta Quest 3 Headset Unveiling

The unveiling of the Meta Quest 3 itself can be relived in AR. This experience takes the viewer on a journey through the headset's development, features, and capabilities, offering a meta-experience where they learn about their device through the device itself.

Meta Quest 3 video

The Future-Proofing of AR Code

Currently, the Meta Quest 3 does not support direct QR Code scanning within its interface. However, this functionality is anticipated in a forthcoming software update. Meanwhile, to access your AR Code experiences, you can use an "AR Button" on your preferred digital platform. You can find these AR Buttons on the statistics page for each of your AR Codes.

AR Code SaaS, engineered for compatibility with the Meta Quest 3, ensures that these AR experiences are just the beginning.

perseverance nasa 3d AR Code

As a future-proof platform, AR Code guarantees seamless operation not only with current devices like the Meta Quest 3 but also with upcoming AR devices from Apple, Google, and Samsung. This proactive approach means the AR experiences created today will remain relevant and captivating in the future. Here is a demo of AR Code technology through the Apple Vision Pro simulator:

Apple Vision Pro demo

Embarking on an AR Code Adventure

With the integration of the Meta Quest 3 and AR Code's innovative AR rendering technology, we are witnessing the dawn of a new age where digital augmentation becomes a natural extension of our physical world. This transformative adventure into the core of AR innovation is not just about technology; it's about the endless possibilities of storytelling, advertising, and learning in an immersive, interactive way.

With the combination of AR Code WebAR technology and the advanced features of the Meta AR headset, users are now empowered to not only display AR videos but also directly engage with 3D models in Augmented Reality through their Meta Quest 3, eliminating the need for any extra applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AR Code enhance the experience on the Meta Quest 3?

AR Code's integration with the Meta Quest 3 allows users to directly interact with 3D models and AR videos, providing a seamless and intuitive AR experience. It includes gesture-based controls for a range of AR experiences, from subtle enhancements to full-scale immersive environments.

Can AR Code be used with other AR devices?

Yes, AR Code is designed to be compatible with not only the Meta Quest 3 but also with forthcoming AR devices from major players like Apple, Google, and Samsung. This ensures that AR experiences created with AR Code today will stay relevant and engaging in the future.

What makes AR videos on the Meta Quest 3 unique?

AR videos on the Meta Quest 3 offer an immersive experience that traditional media cannot match. They allow viewers to interact with content floating in their environment, making advertising, storytelling, and presentations more engaging and memorable.

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