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AR Portals' 3D Models in GLB and USDZ Formats

3D Models | 13/12/2023 |

Welcome to the future of business experiences - Augmented Reality Portals. These revolutionary digital gateways are poised to redefine how businesses engage with their customers, elevating levels of interaction to unprecedented heights. By seamlessly blending the real world with digital enhancements, AR Portals offer potential customers a virtual tour that immerses them in the essence of a product or service.

In this blog post, we showcase a selection of innovative AR Portals, each anchored with an easy-to-use AR Code. The virtual tour begins as soon as the code is scanned, transporting customers into a captivating 3D environment that provides a more vivid and engaging representation of businesses' offerings.

To create your own AR Portal, please follow this tutorial: AR Portal tutorial

Downloadable AR Portals and their corresponding AR Codes

All the featured AR Portals come with free 3D models, available for download in both USDZ and GLB formats. This represents not just a step, but a significant leap towards a future of immersive and interactive experiences for businesses. So, fasten your seatbelts and step through the portal as we explore this cutting-edge technology.

AR Portal of a Building

AR Portal Building

3D file size: 2.492848 MB

Download the 3D model: .GLB, .USDZ

AR Portal of a Modern Coffee Store

AR Portal Modern Coffee room

3D file size: 2.134496 MB

Download the 3D model: .GLB, .USDZ

AR Portal of a Japanese Jacuzzi Rooftop

AR Portal Japanese Jacuzzi Rooftop

3D file size: 2.402376 MB

Download the 3D model: .GLB, .USDZ

AR Portal of a Mountain Village

AR Portal Taiwanese Mountain Village

3D file size: 3.560432 MB

Download the 3D model: .GLB, .USDZ

AR Portal Seaside

AR Portal Seaside

3D file size: 3.319768 MB

Download the 3D model: .GLB, .USDZ

AR Portal of a Theater Entrance

AR Portal Theater Entrance

3D file size: 2.049872 MB

Download the 3D model: .GLB, .USDZ

AI-Generated 360 Image Transformed Into a Sci-Fi AR Portal

AR Portal Sci-Fi from a 360 image generated by AI

3D file size: 1.767096 MB

Download the 3D model: .GLB, .USDZ

Showcase of an AR Portal on Apple Vision Pro

Every AR Portal you create and anchor using an AR Code is now fully compatible and can be effortlessly viewed using your Apple Vision Pro Headset and its proprietary visionOS:

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