How do I scan AR Codes?

25 Apr 2020

To scan an AR QR Code generated on, you have different possibilities depending on the type of smartphone or tablet you own.

Scan an AR Code from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

These devices run on the Apple iOS operating system, only versions ≥ 13.0 are supporting Augmented Reality rendering, lower versions will only be able to display 3D content on a web page.

  • iOS ≥ 13.0, scan by default

Launch the camera and approach an AR code, you will be suggested to open the link. The AR will be instantly detected and displayed in your surroundings. The background safari web page will display the 3D experience and its license information. If the AR view did not start automatically, you can click the dedicated button to start it.

iOS default

With the AR Code mobile app or a partner one, you can display the augmented reality rendering instantly. Launch the mobile app and approach an AR QR Code.

iOS app

  • iOS < 13.0

The iOS versions lower than 13.0 do not support AR rendering, however, the 3D experience can be displayed on a web page through our 3D player. Launch the camera and approach an AR Code, open the popup link then access to the web page containing the 3D experience.

iOS old

Scan an AR Code from an Android device

Smartphones and tablets on Android are varied, depending on the hardware brand and version you can encounter some difficulties in displaying an AR experience.

  • Android ≥ 9.0

Make sure that you have "Google Play Services for AR" installed on your device. Launch the camera or a QR Code scanner, approach an AR Code, a pop-up will appear, follow the link, the AR view will start instantly. If the AR view didn't start automatically, click on the dedicated button to display the Augmented Reality rendering.

Some branded Android versions may have disabled "Google Play Services for AR" or the default camera scan. Try to install the AR service by yourself and scan the AR Code with a QR Codes scanning application.

  • Android < 9.0

With these Android versions, the 3D experience can only be displayed on a web page. Launch the camera, approach an AR Code, follow the suggested link, and enjoy the 3D view.

Scan an AR Code from other types of devices

  • A computer

Whether you have a MAC or a Windows PC, you will need to download an application to scan a QR Code. The AR Code scan will then display a web page with the 3D content of the code.
You can also scan the code from a smartphone and share the experience URL link to your PC. Link example:

  • Augmented reality glasses

Today only Magic Leap glasses can display the augmented reality contained in an AR Code. To do it, use a QR Code scanner app, then on the webpage displayed, just launch the Augmented Reality view via the "AR view" button.