How do I scan AR Codes?

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An AR Code generated is scannable by default on iOS and Android. AR render will depend on your device's operating system. Please find below a summary table and a tutorial to scan your AR Codes and get the best AR rendering result.

If you want to know more about what an AR Code is, please see our article: The differences between a QR Code and an AR Code

ar code compatibility

AR Code compatible smartphones are estimated at more than 2 billion.

TUTORIAL: How to scan an AR Code from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod?

These devices run on Apple operating system (iOS & iPadOS), versions ≥13.0 support immersive augmented reality rendering, versions 11≤iOS<13 support WebAR rendering only, lower versions will only be able to display 3D content on a web page.

iOS ≥ 13.0 (Immersive AR)

Launch the camera app and approach an AR Code, you will be suggested to open the link. The AR will be instantly detected and displayed in your surroundings. The background safari web page will display the 3D experience and its license information. If the AR view did not start automatically, you can click the dedicated button to start it. The WebAR button will allow you to discover a simple AR view flying over the code.

immersive ARKit

Trex AR QR Code

11 iOS < 13 (WebAR)

iOS versions lower than 13.0 do not support immersive AR rendering, if your iOS is higher than 11.0, it will support WebAR rendering. Launch the camera and approach an AR Code, open the pop-up link then accept access to your camera to view your 3D experience flying over the AR Code.

iOS webar

AR QR Code

The AR Code iOS mobile app

For specific AR experiences, we have developed a dedicated iOS mobile app. For the basic augmented reality experience, it will instantly display the augmented reality rendering. Launch the mobile app and approach a QR AR Code.

TUTORIAL: How to scan an AR Code from an Android device?

Smartphones and tablets running Android OS are diverse, depending on the brand and version of the operating system, you could have difficulty viewing an AR experience.

Android OS ≥ 9.0

The WebAR rendering will display easily on all Android devices. For immersive AR rendering, make sure you have "Google Play Services for AR" and "Chrome" web browser installed on your device. Launch the camera or QR code scanner, approach an AR code, a pop-up will appear, follow the link on Chrome, the AR view will start instantly.

If the AR view does not start automatically, click on the dedicated WebAR button to display a simple Augmented Reality rendering hovering over the code.

Some versions of branded Android may have turned off "Google Play Services for AR" or camera scanning by default. Try to install the AR service by yourself and scan the AR Code with a QR code scanner app.

immersive arcore

Woman AR QR Code

4.4 ≤ Android OS < 9.0

With these Android versions, the AR experience will be displayed through WebAR rendering technology. Launch the camera, approach an AR code, follow the suggested link, accept access to your camera, and enjoy the AR experience flying over the AR code.

android webar

Love AR QR Code

TUTORIAL: Scan an AR Code from other types of devices

A computer

Whether you have a MAC or a Windows PC, you will need to download an app to scan a QR Code. Analyzing the AR code will then display a web page with the 3D content of the code. It will allow you to access a WebAR rendering view. Simply click on the WebAR button, accept access to your camera, and bring an AR Code near the computer camera. The AR experience will appear flying over the code.

You can also scan the code from a smartphone and share the experience URL link on your PC.

Augmented reality glasses

Various AR glasses are coming to the mass market, we are constantly adapting our technology to these new types of devices. To scan an AR Code on AR glasses, you will need to use a QR code scanner app. The most generally compatible rendering today will be WebAR.

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