Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about the AR Code service. If you are unable to resolve your query, please contact us.

SUBSCRIPTION - Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. Upon request, we will cancel the subscription right before your next payment period. This means you can continue to enjoy premium features until the end of your subscription period.

SUBSCRIPTION - Which payment methods are accepted by AR Code?

To subscribe to an AR Code premium account, you can use the following payment methods: international bank cards (such as Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover).

SUBSCRIPTION - How will I receive billing for the AR Code service?

When you subscribe to a premium account (either STANDARD or PRO), your credit card will be automatically charged at the beginning of each period (monthly or yearly). You'll receive the invoice via email after each payment.

SUBSCRIPTION - What is the licensing process for marketing agencies using AR Codes for commercial use?

If you represent a services company offering AR Code services or content to your customers, you must apply for a PRO plan that includes a Reseller License and each of your customers must get a Commercial License (either the STANDARD or PRO plan) to utilize the AR Code technology.

SUBSCRIPTION - Who owns the AR Code content?

If you upload any third-party content (such as images, videos, or additional 3D models) on the platform, the ownership of that content will not change. You must use such third-party content in accordance with the license provided by the original owner.

SUBSCRIPTION - What are the limits for commercial use of the service and how does the size and type of business affect the plan and pricing?

For commercial use of the service, a licensee account must be purchased that is appropriate for the type and size of your business. The STANDARD plan is for individuals or SMBs with less than 100 employees. The PRO plan is for SMBs of less than 500 employees. For companies with more than 500 employees, a dedicated contract should be obtained by contacting our team. For commercial use, the assigned license allows you to use the generated AR Codes and their 3D models for commercial purposes. If you represent a services company offering AR Code services or content to your customers, you must apply for a PRO plan that includes a Reseller License and each of your customers must have a Commercial License (either the STANDARD or PRO plan) to utilize the AR Code technology.

SUBSCRIPTION - What will happen to my AR Codes if I cancel my premium subscription?

When you cancel a premium account, it will revert to a free trial plan at the end of your current subscription period. This Free Trial plan does not guarantee the long-term availability of your content on our AR Cloud server. It is only offered as a trial of our technology. A few weeks after the revert, your AR Codes will be deactivated. You can then reactivate them by resubscribing to a Standard or Pro plan on the platform.

SUBSCRIPTION - What is the Status of My AR Codes if I Cancel My Premium Subscription?

If you cancel your premium subscription, the AR Codes created during the premium period will be deactivated. However, they can be automatically reactivated by resubscribing to either STANDARD or PRO plans.

SUBSCRIPTION - Is there a premium plan with unlimited scans available?

Due to the cost of server infrastructure resources required for each access to an AR Code experience, we are unable to offer an unlimited scans package.

SUBSCRIPTION - What will happen if the number of scans for my AR Code exceeds the limits of my premium plan?

Your AR Codes will still be accessible. You will receive an email from our sales team to regularize your account. Excess scans are billed as follows: STANDARD Plan, scans beyond the 10,000/month: 0.10 USD/scan; PRO Plan, scans beyond the limit: 0.05 USD/scan

AR RENDER - Is it possible to determine the location where the AR experience will appear?

It is not possible to set a specific location for the AR experience, except with the "Web AR" renderer, which will display your model hovering over the code. Immersive AR rendering displays the experience in your direct environment.

AR RENDER - How Do I View AR Videos Using AR Codes?

To view an AR Video, align your device's camera with the AR Code. When the code is recognized, the video will overlay in the camera feed. Tap the video to play or pause. If the video doesn't play, ensure your internet connection is stable and that your app is updated. For enhanced clarity and usability, printing the AR Code in a larger format is recommended. More details can be found on the AR Video tutorial page.

AR RENDER - What Are the Best Practices for Optimizing 3D Models for AR?

To optimize 3D models, use software like Blender. Adjust scale parameters and use the decimate modifier to reduce polygon count, which helps in smoother AR rendering. Export the model in .glb format for compatibility. Detailed guidelines and step-by-step instructions are available in the 3D Model Optimization for AR tutorial on our website.

AR RENDER - What Should I Know About Uploading Large 3D Files for AR Experiences?

AR Code supports large 3D files, but they may impact the loading time and performance of the AR experience. Guidelines for optimizing file sizes and transfer methods are detailed in our 3D File upload guide.

AR RENDER - How do I display an immersive AR render?

Immersive AR via an AR Code is accessible from Apple devices using Safari or Chrome. Android devices that have installed Google Services for AR and Chrome can also access immersive AR through ARCore technology (on Pixel phones) or WebXR technology (on Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.). For more information, please see the following link: How do i scan AR Codes?.

AR RENDER - Is it possible to use our own domain URL when accessing an AR Code or host the AR Code technology locally?

AR Code experiences are centralized on the cloud server and cannot be localized on your own server/URL. They require different server technologies to be processed. We offer a Custom Page solution that allows you to introduce an AR experience with your own business details, including a link. For more information, please see the following page: Custom pages

AR RENDER - Can a 3D model within an AR Code include a clickable button? What interactions are available for the user?

Our AR renders offer 3 possible interactions: moving the AR model, changing its size and a click on a banner (Custom Links). Our premium plans also offer a Custom Pages tool. These are web pages that appear just before displaying an AR experience and can include a URL hyperlink.

AR RENDER - Is it possible to view an AR Code experience using a Meta Quest headset? What about the Apple Vision headset?

It is possible to view the 3D and video content of an AR Code on Meta Quest headsets. Additionally, the 3D and video content of an AR Code is automatically adapted to the Apple Vision Pro Headset, as AR renders on the Apple ecosystem are easily interconnected.

AR RENDER - Is it possible to modify the light settings for an immersive AR Code experience?

When accessing immersive AR display from an AR Code, you are unable to manage the scene light settings. Apple and Android's default AR rendering uses natural light from the environment to illuminate the 3D model. These AR rendering features are improved with each update of the operating system. You can update your operating system to the latest version to get the best possible rendering. On the AR Code side, you can only improve the textures to obtain a better result. You can make them brighter and glossier.

AR RENDER - What is the process for scanning AR Codes on Android devices?

For Android OS version 9.0 and above, make sure you have "Google Play Services for AR" and a compatible web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Use your camera or a QR Code scanner app to scan the AR Code and follow the pop-up link. The AR experience should start automatically. For Android versions 4.4 to 8.9, the process is similar, but you'll only have access to WebAR experiences.

AR RENDER - What are AI Codes and how do they differ from traditional AR Codes?

AI Codes are an advanced version of AR Codes that combine AR and AI to analyze images and provide personalized responses. AI Codes offer an interactive AR experience driven by AI.

AR RENDER - What Are Some Effective Ways to Optimize 3D Model File Size?

Reducing image texture sizes and changing file formats can significantly reduce the file size. Visit 3D Model File Size Optimization for a detailed guide on effective size reduction techniques.

AR RENDER - How Should I Prepare 3D Models for Mobile AR Display?

Optimization for mobile devices is crucial for AR performance. Our 3D model optimization for AR guide provides best practices and recommendations.

ACCOUNT - If I delete my account, what will happen to the data I shared on AR Code?

When your account is deleted, we will cancel your subscription and delete all of your data from our servers, including, but not limited to, your AR Codes and traffic data.

ACCOUNT - Can I update a 3D model on an existing AR Code?

Yes, it is possible to update the content of a 3D model AR Code. You can do this yourself by accessing the edit page, or by sending us an email with your AR Code reference and the new content. If you choose to update by email, the process will be completed within 24 hours.

ACCOUNT - What is the AR Text tool?

AR Text is a tool that allows easily creating 3D augmented reality text experiences via iOS app or the AR Code web interface. It allows users to anchor virtual 3D Texts to the real world using an AR Code. It includes 155 fonts, unlimited colors and can model texts up to 15 characters. User can manage the AR Text experiences using the platform's advanced tracking tools.

ACCOUNT - What is the AR Video tool?

The AR Video tool allows users to anchor virtual videos to the real world using an AR Code, viewable on smartphones and tablets without a third-party app. The AR Code platform uses WebAR technology to create an augmented reality video experience. Users can create their own AR Videos by uploading a video file and generating an AR Code, and track and manage the experiences using the platform's tracking tools.

ACCOUNT - What is the AR Photo tool?

The AR Photo tool is a feature that allows users to create augmented reality experiences from photos / images. User can manage its AR Photos experiences using the platform's tracking tools.

ACCOUNT - What is the AR Portal tool?

The AR Portal tool is a feature that allows users to create immersive augmented reality experiences from 360 photos. They are utilized by various businesses such as real estate and tourism companies. User can manage the AR Portal experiences using the platform's advanced tracking tools.

ACCOUNT - What is the AR Logo tool?

AR Logo is a tool that allows companies to add augmented reality to their marketing and branding strategies using their own logo. It generates a 3D version of a SVG logo, which can be anchored behind an AR Code and used on various marketing materials. It also offers features such as tracking statistics and retargeting tools, and allows for customization of the AR experience access.

ACCOUNT - Can sound or audio be added to an AR Code experience?

Only "AR Videos" and "AR Filter" experiences can include audio. Here are more details about AR Videos: AR Videos demo. It is currently not possible to add sound to a 3D model AR experience on our platform.

ACCOUNT -Is it possible to use geolocation for an AR experience with AR Code?

There is no geolocation feature with AR Code technology, except for placing the AR QR Code at the desired location.

ACCOUNT - What is the maximum weight of a 3D model file that can be uploaded to AR Code?

There are no 3D file weight restrictions for premium accounts when uploading a 3D model. Please note that if your file size exceeds 15MB, the upload must be done through our dedicated support. Before uploading any file, we recommend that users read and watch this tutorial to get the best AR experience result on AR Code.

ACCOUNT - Is it possible to customize the AR rendering on AR Code, such as attaching the AR experience to a specific image or monument?

There is no custom AR rendering feature on AR Code, but you can create this type of experience using a social media AR Filter (such as Spark AR or Lens Studio) and then integrate it with an AR Code using the URL through our AR Filter tool.

ACCOUNT - What are the 3D file formats supported by the 3D file upload feature?

The following file formats can be automatically uploaded to our platform through our interface: .GLB, .USDZ, .PLY, .STL, .FBX, .OBJ, .X3D, .GLTF, or .ZIP including the 3D file and textures paths.. For other 3D file formats, including .DAE, .ABC, .USDZ, .STP, .IGS, etc., please follow our tutorial or upload them through our dedicated support email. For more information, please see the following: 3D models file size.

ACCOUNT - Is it possible to customize the design of an AR Code?

Yes, with a premium account, you can customize the colors of an AR Code, including the background color, foreground color, and AR marker logo color.

ACCOUNT - Is it possible to import or use a QR Code that already exists with AR Code?

An existing QR Code cannot be imported into unless it was created on the AR Code interface from a previous account.

ACCOUNT - Is it possible to display an AR experience in its full size at 1:1 scale?

The scale of an AR Code experience depends on its AR render mode. Immersive AR can render a 1:1 scale when initially displayed, this initial scale must have been set before uploading the 3D file with software such as Blender. To help you get the final AR dimension of your experience, at the end of your 3D model upload, you will get the expected immersive AR dimension on the preview. When the model is displayed, the end user can adjust its scale to the desired size by using two fingers to interact with it.

ACCOUNT - Can I display multiple 3D models on an AR Code experience?

An AR Code can only display a single unique 3D model. To display multiple 3D models within an AR Code scan, you will need to create a 3D model scene that includes all of your 3D models.

ACCOUNT - How Can I Update Video or 3D Model Content of an AR Code?

Directly updating video or 3d model content is possible from your AR Code account dashboard. Use the edit button to access to the update content field.

ACCOUNT - What is the Process for Transferring AR Codes to a New Account?

To transfer AR Codes, create a new account and contact support with details of both accounts and the AR Codes to transfer.

ACCOUNT - How Can I Keep My AR Code Active Beyond 24 Hours with AR Code Object Capture?

To maintain the activity of your AR Code created on the AR Code Object Capture app, use the 'Save on AR Code' button and enter your API Key. If the code is already created, contact us to proceed.

API - Is API access available for developers?

Yes, we have an API that allows for data to be displayed when hovering over an AR Code. This is a useful tool for displaying text data remotely anywhere, particularly for technical use cases such as telecom equipment and industrial maintenance. For more information, please see the following: AR Code API