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What are Custom Pages & How to create one?

AR Code Tech | 03/11/2023 |

Learn how to create a unique and branded AR experience with Custom Pages. This feature allows premium users to add a banner, logo, URL link, and messages on a special page that appears between the AR Code scan and its display. This is a great way to showcase your brand, drive user behavior, and enhance the AR experience.

Example of a Custom Page

See an example of a Custom Page in action:

Custom Page Demo

Custom Page AR Code

How to Create a Custom Page

To create a Custom Page, premium users can access the AR Code interface and select the “Custom Pages” link. From there, click on “Add new” to access the creation interface, which includes forms for reference name, website URL, logo, banner, custom title, and custom message. Each Standard account can create up to 100 custom pages, while PRO accounts can create up to 1000 custom pages.

When creating a custom page, ensure that your images meet the following requirements:

  • Logo: 100x100px, PNG or JPG format, Max size 300KB.
  • Banner: Min width 980px, height between 250px and 500px, PNG or JPG format, Max size 500KB.

Additionally, please fill out all necessary forms including:

  • Reference name
  • Website URL
  • Upload Logo
  • Upload Banner
  • Custom Title
  • Custom Message

After creating your custom page, associate it with the desired AR Code on the AR Code creation or editing page.

Enhance User Engagement with AR Experiences

Incorporating AR Codes into your marketing strategy can significantly boost user engagement and interaction. Whether it's through 3D Files Upload, Object Capture, or AR Video, AR Codes provide a unique way to connect with your audience. By embedding interactive elements such as AR Photos and AR Face Filters, you can create memorable experiences that stand out. These tools not only make your content more appealing but also encourage users to engage with your brand in a fun and innovative way.

Contact Support

If you have questions regarding the Custom Pages feature or need assistance, please contact our support team.

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