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Comprehensive Guide to AR Code SaaS Plans and Licenses

AR Code Tech | 27/01/2024 |

Explore the world of AR Code technology, where tailored solutions meet diverse business needs, offering the STANDARD plan for small to medium-sized enterprises and the PRO plan for larger organizations, each designed to seamlessly integrate Augmented Reality QR Codes into your business strategy.

Embracing AR Code Technology: Tailored Plans for Every Business Need

AR Code technology is designed to cater to diverse business sizes and needs, offering two primary commercial licenses: STANDARD and PRO.

  • STANDARD Plan and its Commercial License: Perfect for individual entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses with a workforce of up to 100, this plan supports up to 10,000 AR Code Scans monthly. It's an ideal starting point for businesses venturing into AR technology's potential.
  • PRO Plan and its Commercial License: Aimed at larger SMBs and enterprises with a workforce of up to 500, the PRO plan significantly ups the ante with a cap of 100,000 Scans per month, making this plan a go-to choice for businesses ready to deeply integrate AR into their strategies.

Licensing Simplified: Ensuring Compliance and Maximizing Opportunities

All businesses using AR Code technology for commercial purposes must hold an appropriate license.

For giants with more than 500 employees, we offer customized licensing solutions, crafted to address the unique demands of large enterprises.

Reseller Advantages: Expanding Your Business with AR Code

The PRO plan under AR Code technology opens doors to lucrative reseller opportunities, particularly for marketing agencies and IT service providers. By incorporating AR Code services into your portfolio, you can create new revenue avenues while ensuring each client holds a suitable license.

Each of your customers must have a Commercial License (either the STANDARD or PRO plan) to utilize the AR Code technology.

Plan Details at a Glance

STANDARD: For Individuals entrepreneurs & SMBs

100 AR Codes, 10,000 Scans/month, Multiple Creation Tools, 3D Files upload & AR 3D Models download, Custom Links, 100 Custom Pages, Retargeting Tracking, Code Customization, Export Data, AR Code Studio, API Access, Premium Support.

PRO: For Larger Businesses & Resellers

1,000 AR Codes, 100,000 Scans/month, Team Access, Multiple Creation Tools, 3D Files upload & AR 3D Models download, Custom Links, 1,000 Custom Pages, Retargeting Tracking, Code Customization, Export Data, AR Code Studio, API Access, Dedicated Support, Reseller License.

AR Code plans and licences

Conclusion: A New Era of Business Innovation with AR Code

AR Code technology offers a scalable, versatile solution for businesses striving for innovation and enhanced customer engagement. Whether used directly or through reselling, AR Code stands as a beacon in the evolving digital landscape, providing a competitive edge across industries.

Discover more about how AR Code can transform your business – visit our pricing page.

Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between the STANDARD and PRO plans in AR Code technology?

The STANDARD plan is ideal for small to medium businesses with up to 100 employees, offering 100 AR Codes and 10,000 monthly scans. The PRO plan, suitable for larger businesses and resellers with up to 500 employees, includes 1,000 AR Codes and 100,000 monthly scans, along with advanced features like team access and a reseller license.

How does AR Code technology cater to large enterprises?

For enterprises with over 500 employees, AR Code provides customized licensing solutions to meet their unique needs, ensuring compliance and maximizing the potential of AR technology in their business strategies.

What advantages does the PRO plan offer to resellers?

The PRO plan is beneficial for resellers, offering a reseller license, team access, and dedicated support. It enables marketing agencies and IT service providers to expand their services by integrating AR Code technology into their offerings, creating new revenue opportunities.

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