AR Code on the Meta Quest 3: Enhancing Visualization of 3D Models in Augmented Reality

Metaverse | 14/12/2023 |

The Meta Quest 3, released on October 10th, marks a significant upgrade from its predecessor. Revealed at Connect 2023, it boasts a slimmer design and enhanced specs, including a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor and up to 512GB of storage.

With full-color passthrough and new haptic controllers, the Quest 3 blends VR and AR for a more immersive experience. Starting at $499 for the 128GB model, it offers a more accessible price point than its high-end competition, making advanced VR more attainable for consumers.

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As we usher in a new era of Augmented Reality, AR Code is set to redefine immersive experiences with Meta's most recent innovation, the Meta Quest 3 headset. This formidable pairing is crafting a world where the blend of physical and digital realities is more seamless than ever.

Unified AR Code Ecosystem with Meta Quest 3

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Similar to how the Apple Vision Pro AR headset introduced a new operating system for seamless AR integration, the Meta Quest 3 harnesses its Android-based platform to offer a comparable, unified AR experience. Thanks to AR Code WebAR technology and the robust capabilities of the Meta Quest 3, users can now directly interact with 3D models in Augmented Reality without the need for additional applications.

Intuitive Interaction, Simplified AR Experiences

The Meta Quest 3 presents an endless spatial canvas that revolutionizes our interaction with three-dimensional spaces. Gesture-based controls allow users to effortlessly manipulate AR Code 3D models, ranging from subtle environmental enhancements to immersive, full-scale virtual environments.

Please note that at present, scanning QR Codes directly on the Quest 3 interface is not available, but this feature is expected to arrive with an upcoming software update. In the interim, you can access your AR Code experiences by placing an "AR Button" on the digital platform of your choice. These AR Buttons are accessible on the stats page for each of your AR Codes.

AR Code is Future-Proofing AR Experiences with Advanced AR Headsets Compatibility

AR Code SaaS is engineered to be future-proof, ensuring seamless operation not just with current devices like the Meta Quest 3, but also with forthcoming AR devices from Apple, Google, and Samsung. Our proactive approach guarantees that the AR experiences you create today will stay relevant and captivating in the future.

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Start Your AR Journey Now with AR Code

With Meta Quest 3 and AR Code, you are invited to begin creating and exploring AR experiences immediately. Our platform is equipped with an array of 3D modeling tools, such as Object Capture, AR Text, AR Photo, AR Portal, AR Logo, AR Video and the 3D models upload tool. These tools are showcased in the demos available via the provided links.

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Designed for intuitive and engaging interaction, the AR Code platform is your gateway to the future of interactive and immersive AR.


The integration of Meta Quest 3 with AR Code's innovative AR rendering technology is advancing the frontiers of augmented reality. This integration heralds a future where digital augmentation is a natural extension of our physical world. Embark with us on this transformative adventure into the core of AR innovation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features of the Meta Quest 3 that enhance the AR experience?

The Meta Quest 3 brings a host of advancements to the AR experience with its slimmer design, Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, and storage options up to 512GB. It introduces full-color passthrough and new haptic controllers, bridging the gap between VR and AR for a more immersive experience. Its Android-based platform and AR Code WebAR technology allow users to interact with 3D models directly in augmented reality, without needing extra apps.

How does AR Code integrate with the Meta Quest 3, and what does it enable users to do?

AR Code integrates with the Meta Quest 3 to offer a unified AR ecosystem that is comparable to other high-end AR platforms. It enables users to interact with 3D models via gesture-based controls, facilitating a range of AR experiences from environmental enhancements to full-scale virtual environments. Although QR Code scanning is not yet available, AR Buttons provide interim access to AR Code experiences on various digital platforms. The AR Code platform is equipped with 3D modeling tools for content creation and is designed to be future-proof, ensuring compatibility with upcoming AR devices.

Can I use AR Code with other AR devices besides the Meta Quest 3?

Yes, AR Code is designed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that is future-proof, ensuring it works seamlessly not only with the Meta Quest 3 but also with anticipated AR devices from other major companies such as Apple, Google, and Samsung. This means that the AR experiences you create today with AR Code will remain relevant and engaging as new devices enter the market.

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