VIDEO TUTORIAL: Create an AR photo on AR Code

26 Apr 2020

NEW: We have developed 2 new interfaces to generate 3D AR photos:


AR Frame mobile app


  • The AR Code creation interface. Create your 3D photo experience within a few clicks. Our 3D processing server will automatically generate and convert stunning 3D models for an AR rendering.


photo to AR

Here is a demonstration video of the AR Frame app:


Previous method to generate 3D photo on AR Code:

Displaying an Augmented Reality photo from an AR Code can be useful in many situations, both personal and professional.

Professional AR:

  • display a restaurant menu
  • display industry documentation
  • display product details

Personal AR:

  • display vacation photos at home
  • surprise a friend sending an AR Code photo by email
  • record a funny video with your AR photos

ar photo

3D preview:

AR code beach photo

How to create a photo 3D experiences with AR Code Studio?

Our 3D creation studio is simple and powerful, to create an augmented reality image you will only need a few minutes. We have created a video tutorial which we detail below:

  1. Launch AR Code Studio:
  2. Select the 3D cube
  3. Scale it to your image (Here we are reducing the size, applying a 4/3 format, and flatting the rendering)
  4. Add your image or photo as a texture (your image shouldn't be too heavy for a quick AR rendering, compress it in .JPG through free software like GIMP)
  5. Export the .gltf file
  6. Generate your AR Code