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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Create an AR 3D Photo on AR Code

Tutorials | 20/10/2023 |

AR Code offers two innovative interfaces that enable users to effortlessly create immersive 3D Augmented Reality photos. These user-friendly tools bring AR photo technology within reach of everyone, simplifying the creation process and making the sharing more enjoyable through AR QR Codes.

AR Frame iOS App

The first interface is the AR Frame iOS app, designed for users to create captivating AR photos with their iPhone or iPad. The app offers an intuitive interface, guiding users step-by-step through the process of capturing an image, generating 3D models, and sharing the final AR experience via an AR Code.

AR Frame mobile app

AR Code Web Interface

The second interface is available on the AR Code web platform. It empowers users to create stunning 3D AR photos online. This web-based interface provides the necessary tools for creating a 3D AR photo and its AR Code, allowing users to embed it on physical objects or digital media, such as product packaging or websites.

Craft your unique 3D photo experience with just a few clicks. Our advanced 3D processing server will automatically generate and convert visually striking 3D models for AR rendering.

photo to AR

ARCode photo example

Demonstration video of the AR Frame app

AR Code technology is compatible with a vast range of devices, estimated to be over 2 billion smartphones worldwide. It supports various AR functionalities such as Object Capture, AR Logo, AR Photo, AR Portal, AR Text, AR Video, AI Code, and AR Face Filter. Users can scan AR Codes using the default camera apps on both iOS and Android devices, ensuring a seamless AR experience.

AR Code Compatibility Across Devices

AR Code is designed to work seamlessly with various devices, including iOS, Android, and even AR headsets like Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro. Scanning AR Codes is straightforward, utilizing the default camera apps on smartphones. Depending on the device's operating system and web browser, different types of AR rendering are available.

For iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad):

  • Open the default camera app and point it at the AR Code.
  • Follow the prompt to open the associated link.
  • View the AR content in your surroundings, whether it's 3D models, AR Face Filters, or AR Videos.

For Android Devices:

  • Ensure "Google Play Services for AR" and "Chrome" are installed.
  • Open the default camera app or QR Code scanner.
  • Point it at the AR Code and follow the prompt to open the associated link.
  • Experience the AR content in your surroundings.

With AR Code, the possibilities are endless, from virtual tours and immersive educational content to dynamic advertising and real-time data visualization. Start your AR journey today by trying our free trial and exploring the myriad ways AR Code can transform your digital interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D AR photos?

3D AR photos are images that have been processed using 3D modeling software to create a three-dimensional representation of the subject. These photos can be viewed in augmented reality (AR), allowing users to interact with and explore the subject in a more immersive way.

What tools are available for creating 3D AR photos?

There are several tools available for creating 3D AR photos, including the AR Frame iOS app and the AR Code web interface. The AR Frame app provides an easy-to-use interface for capturing and processing 3D photos on an iPhone or iPad, while the AR Code web interface allows users to create and embed AR photos on physical objects or digital media such as websites or product packaging.

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