VIDEO TUTORIAL: Create an AR photo on AR Code Studio

26 Apr 2020

Displaying an Augmented Reality photo from an AR Code can be useful in many situations, both personal and professional.

Professional AR:

  • display a restaurant menu
  • display industry documentation
  • display product details

Personal AR:

  • display vacation photos at home
  • surprise a friend sending an AR Code photo by email
  • record a funny video with your AR photos

ar photo

3D preview:

AR code beach photo

How to create a photo 3D experiences with AR Code Studio?

Our 3D creation studio is simple and powerful, to create an augmented reality image you will only need a few minutes. We have created a video tutorial which we detail below:

  1. Launch AR Code Studio:
  2. Select the 3D cube
  3. Scale it to your image (Here we are reducing the size, applying a 4/3 format, and flatting the rendering)
  4. Add your image or photo as a texture (your image shouldn't be too heavy for a quick AR rendering, compress it in .JPG through free software like GIMP)
  5. Export the .gltf file
  6. Generate your AR Code