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Apple Vision Code: The Future of AR and QR Codes on visionOS

Apple Vision Pro | 29/11/2023 |

The Apple Vision Pro headset, now available since February 2, 2024, elevates the augmented and virtual reality landscape to unprecedented heights.

In this blog post, we delve into the Apple Vision Pro Headset, the role of Apple Vision Codes in this ecosystem, and the potential advantages of this cutting-edge technology.

Apple Vision VR/AR Headset: Redefining Immersive Experiences

Resembling ski goggles, the headset boasts 12 external cameras, lens-adjusting motors, and a button for toggling between fully-immersive VR and an AR view.

Apple Vision Pro Headset

An Apple Vision AR/VR headset

Integrated with support for AirPods Pro, 8K resolution displays, and sensors for capturing facial expressions and body movements, these devices promise to spearhead advances in AR technology and applications.

The Origin of Apple Vision Codes: App Clips Codes

Apple paved the way for QR Code integration with the introduction of App Clips Codes at WWDC 2020. App Clips provide access to compact app versions, eliminating the need for complete app downloads.

Apple Vision app clip codes

App Clips Codes, which can be scanned using an iPhone camera, facilitate quick access to App Clips. This paves the way for myriad applications within the Apple Vision ecosystem, including AR-enhanced shopping experiences.

Project Gobi: A Glimpse Into Apple's AR Vision

Gobi AR QR Codes

Leaked in 2020, Project Gobi is an AR app reportedly under development by Apple. The app is designed to work with QR code-like tags, enabling users to initiate AR experiences directly. It is expected to provide additional product information and be integrated into both Apple Stores and the new AR headset project.

Gobi is believed to feature unique Apple-branded QR codes and incorporate new AR features utilizing sound and haptic feedback.

The Future: Apple Vision Codes

Apple Vision Code

An imagined design of an Apple Vision Code

As part of the Apple Vision Pro Headset ecosystem and its new visionOS, Apple Vision Codes are expected to enhance user interactivity and engagement. While specifics regarding the headset's interaction with these codes remain undisclosed, it is anticipated that the Apple Vision Pro Headset will be capable of scanning and processing these codes, providing users with a seamless AR experience.

Apple Vision Codes have the potential to democratize AR experiences, making them accessible to a wider audience. Unlike traditional AR experiences, which require app downloads or website visits, Apple Vision Codes allow users to access content by scanning codes directly with the Apple Vision Pro Headset.

This streamlined approach can enhance user convenience and potentially revolutionize shopping by enabling customers to preview products in their home environment before making a purchase.

Adapting AR Code for Apple Vision Codes

Apple Vision Code Statue 3D Model

Design of an AR Code

As we prepare for the launch of the Apple AR headset, we at AR Code are keeping a close eye on its release and preparing to adapt our platform for the forthcoming Apple Vision Codes.

We are already leveraging the ARKit framework to deliver AR experiences on iOS and iPadOS devices. AR Code technology will adapt all generated codes for compatibility with the Apple Vision Pro Headset, providing users with intuitive, real-time interaction with 3D content.

Trex Apple Vision QR Code

Virtual assistant Apple Vision code

AR piston 3D animated

Meta Quest AR QR Codes

Regarded as the direct rival of Apple's Vision Pro, the Meta Quest, which was recently released in its version 3, is also anticipated to soon support the scanning of Meta Quest QR Codes for displaying AR experiences. At AR Code, we have already adapted our technology to be compatible with the Meta Quest headsets 2, Pro and 3. The results are impressive, as demonstrated in the following video. We plan to soon integrate a QR Code scanning feature to automatically enable all 3D experiences created on the AR Code platform to be scannable by these Meta headsets.

perseverance nasa 3d AR Code


As we now celebrate the availability of the Apple Vision Pro Headset since February 2, 2024, we're poised to explore the vast possibilities that Apple Vision Codes and AR Codes could unlock in the realm of augmented reality. This leap forward revolutionizes how we interact with and perceive the digital world, offering unprecedented access and convenience to AR content. The Apple Vision Pro Headset, with its innovative features, is set to become an indispensable tool for developers, marketers, and users alike, marking a new era in immersive digital experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Apple Vision Codes?

Apple Vision Codes are the company's innovative take on AR QR Codes, designed for interactivity and engagement within the Apple Vision ecosystem. They are expected to be used in conjunction with the Apple Vision Pro Headset.

How do Apple Vision Codes differ from traditional AR?

Unlike traditional AR experiences, which typically require app downloads or website visits, Apple Vision Codes are expected to enable users to access AR content directly by scanning codes with the headset.

What is Project Gobi?

Project Gobi is rumored to be an AR app under development by Apple. The app is expected to work with QR code-like tags, sparking AR experiences directly. It is projected to offer additional product information and be integrated into both Apple Stores and the AR headset project.

When was the Apple Vision Pro Headset released?

The Apple Vision Pro headset became available to the public on February 2, 2024. This milestone release introduces a new dimension in augmented and virtual reality experiences, showcasing Apple's continuous innovation in immersive technology.

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