Tutorial on Leveraging the AR Code API Key

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on utilizing the AR Code API key for the creation of AR Codes. This API Key enhances your process of creating AR experiences, facilitating the seamless generation of AR Codes within our creative tools.

Using the AR Code API Key for the "Flying Text" Experiences

The "Flying Text" feature in AR Code enables users to display text flying over an AR QR Code.

This AR rendering is made possible thanks to the AR Marker located at the center of each AR Code. The displayed text can be any data, stored remotely and dynamically on our server. This allows you the opportunity to change this data through the AR Code interface or via our API.

Augmented Reality's Flying Text feature is revolutionizing industries by providing real-time access to critical data, streamlining processes, and enhancing productivity. It also improves users engagement and interactive experiences in smart cities, marketing, education, and events. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool across various domains.

The AR Code API Key allows for real-time editing and updating of the remote text data of an AR Code through our web interface or API:

AR Code Text Flying API key

API Key Integration with the AR Code Object Capture App

To keep your AR Codes, created via the AR Code Object Capture app, active beyond the 24-hour trial period, follow these steps:

  • Press your created AR Code and choose the "Save on AR Code" option.
  • Input your AR Code API Key to store it for future references.
  • Click the "Save on AR Code" button.

AR Code object capture API key

Your AR Code is now available on your dashboard. Remember to choose "Save on AR Code" for every new AR Code created to maintain its activity. To reactivate an expired code, feel free to contact our support team.

AR Code API Key Integration in Three Other Creative iOS Apps

The AR Code API key is integrated with three other of our iOS applications designed for creating AR Code experiences:

  • AR Text, enabling dynamic text-based AR content creation.
  • AR Frame, which lets you frame memories in AR.
  • AR Portal, offering immersive experiences in novel dimensions.

With your API Key, all AR Code experiences created in these apps will be automatically saved to your dashboard. To proceed, follow these steps:

  • Click on the AR Code icon in your list of created 3D experiences.
  • Input your AR Code API Key to store it for future reference.
  • Click the "Generate the AR Code" button.

AR Code apps API key

It's done! The AR Code is now available on your dashboard.

Conclusion and Customer Support

Employing the AR Code API key enhances your ability to create and manage AR Code experiences efficiently. For any assistance or inquiries, our customer support team is available to provide guidance and support. Thank you for choosing our platform for your AR creation needs.

Frequently asked questions

What is the AR Code API Key and its purpose?

The AR Code API Key enhances the creation of AR experiences, enabling users to easily generate and manage AR Codes using the platform's tools. It's essential for integrating features like "Flying Text" into AR QR Codes.

How does "Flying Text" work in AR Code?

"Flying Text" displays dynamic text over AR QR Codes, using an AR Marker for positioning. This text, which can be updated remotely via the AR Code interface or API, enhances real-time user engagement in various industries.

How do you integrate the AR Code API Key with apps?

To integrate the API Key, select your AR Code in the app, input the API Key, and save it. This process keeps AR Codes active and accessible on your dashboard for both the AR Code Object Capture app and other iOS apps like AR Text, AR Frame, and AR Portal.

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