Augmented Reality solutions for the real-estate businesses

13 May 2020

Real estate has been slow to adopt new technologies. To break up its immunity to technological advances, AR Code is being launched in that sector to bring up new and innovative changes in the way people buy, sell and interact with properties.

AR Codes to promote the real estate sector

For many countries, real estate affects the economy as it constitutes a critical driver of economic growth. Innovative technologies are essential in this sector. AR technology bargains different practical claims in the real estate industry

Between the most famous actual new technologies, AR Code is used to display an Augmented Reality experience from any place (product, presentation brochure, website, showcase, ...). An AR Code redirects its user to an AR rendering web page that will display a virtual 3D content in the real environment.

For the real-estate selling, an AR view can improve a project presentation to a colleague, a prospect or a customer by reassuring him on the final rendering. An AR QR Code can also improve the online home-buying experiences, making them more exciting. Virtual reality tours can be created to let potential buyers experiencing their future home. AR Code technology is then very helpful for the long-distance buyers who can’t physically visit the properties.

As staging constitutes an important step to increase the perceived price of a specific house, allowing realtors to virtually stage the property trough an AR Code also cope with the heavy expense that it may induce. Digitally add furniture and accessories in a place via an AR Code is simple and efficient.

For the architecture businesses, Augmented Reality Codes can be used to create a realistic architectural projection and walkthroughs to show up to the buyers the look of their future properties. Here is an example with an AR code for a virtual apartment presentation.

Apartment tour via an AR QR Code

360 photo to AR Portal

The AR Code web interface allows you to easily create an AR portal from your 360 photos. Perfect for easily providing an augmented reality tour for existing locations:


Real estate AR QR Code


For iOS users we have developed the dedicated AR Portal mobile app: AR Portal on the App Store



Architect 3D model

If you have a 3D design of a place you can easily upload your model on the AR Code web interface.

AR QR Code apartment tour


AR real estate apartment

How to scan an AR Code?

Our 3D file hosting and conversion service allows the experience to display by default on iOS>13 & Android>9 smartphones. For more informations please visit our detailed article: How to scan an AR Code?

To generate your own augmented reality experience (apartment under construction, house presentation, building site, interior decoration, kitchen or bathroom design,...) open a TRIAL account on our platform or contact us.