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In today's fast-paced digital world, it's crucial to blend Augmented Reality (AR) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the digital experiences. Today, AR Code introduces a major innovation: AI Code, an AI Assistant QR Code.

These advanced AR QR Codes transform user interaction with technology. They provide a unique AR experience driven by AI, focusing on recognizing images and engaging with interactive prompts.

Understanding AI Codes

AI Codes represent an evolution from traditional QR Codes, with a notable innovation. When scanned, these codes invite users to capture an image using the "AI" button. The AI then assesses the photograph based on prompts set by the AI Code creator, providing customized responses, guidance, or textual recommendations. This unique approach not only enriches the user's environment but also offers a distinct, personalized AR AI experience.

The potential applications are vast, ranging from educational tools and recommendation systems to delivering expert advice or simple guidance with AI-generated insights. AI Codes can be adapted for use in a variety of sectors, including retail, education, marketing, industry, and beyond.

Tailored AI Code Prompts

To optimize the utility of AI Codes, AR Code has developed an innovative 'AI Code Prompt Generator' within our platform. This feature assists users in designing effective prompts that guide the AI's photo analysis, especially in situations where crucial analysis elements are not immediately evident in the initial imagery.

AI Code Prompt generator

Examples of AI QR Code Applications

AI Codes demonstrate remarkable versatility, with applications tailored to meet specific industry needs and enhance user experiences.

AI Code for Brand Engagement: Customized Promotional Sentence Generator

Transform how brands (here McDonald's) interact with their customers by creating tailored and context-specific promotional sentences.

AI Code - McDonald's

Prompt: Create a promotional sentence for McDonald's, incorporating object names and the environment details detected in the photo. Encourage people to visit the nearest McDonald's restaurant. Only the promotional sentence should be returned.

AI Code for Elevated Customer Experiences: Wine Expert Recommendations

Targeting customer experience, an AI Code dedicated to wine enthusiasts can offer professional advice on wine selection. It can analyze wine labels to provide detailed insights into the wine's profile, enhancing the overall wine-tasting journey for users.

AI Code - Sommelier

Prompt: Analyze the image of the wine bottle label to identify its origin. Use this information to provide tasting tips, including the ideal temperature and recommended food pairings, with examples of suitable dishes. If the label of a wine bottle is not visible, request a new photo including the visible label.

AI Code for Fashion Insights: Personalized Style Recommendations

In fashion, an AI Code can analyze users' attire to offer tailored fashion advice and suggestions, serving as a personal stylist and marketing tool.

AI Code - Fashion advice

Prompt: Analyze the subject's outfit for color coordination, style suitability, and contemporary fashion trends. Suggest enhancement options with an item of clothing or accessory that would enhance the overall appearance based on individual body type and personal style preferences. Suggest it can be found in the FASHION NET store. If the subject's full outfit is not visible, instruct to retake the photo to include the entire ensemble.

AI Code for Antique Valuation: Insights for Collectors and Sellers

For antique aficionados and marketers, an AI Code can evaluate antiques, estimating the value of furniture or art objects in a photograph, offering a unique advantage in the antique market.

AI Code - Antique

Prompt: Analyze the image and identify the main object or furniture. Provide detailed information on it. Estimate its current value in the second-hand market. If the main object or furniture is not detectable, advise retaking the photo to include it.

AI Code for Environmental Learning: Interactive Park Education

In environmental education, an AI Code can enhance learning about flora, fauna, and other natural elements in parks, promoting ecological awareness and education.

AI Code - Park NewTaipei

Prompt: Analyze the photo to detect the main plant, tree, animal, or insect present on the photo. Provide detailed information on the species, common name, habitat, and any pertinent ecological significance. If none of these elements are detected, instruct the user to retake the photo including a plant, tree, animal, or insect.

AI Code for Marketing: Engaging Brand Slogans, Coca-Cola example

In marketing, AI Codes can offer a transformative edge. For instance, a specialized AI Code designed for a leading beverage brand can help in crafting compelling slogans by analyzing the surroundings of their products. This approach enables the generation of contextually relevant marketing content, aligning seamlessly with brand identity.

AI Code - Coca Cola

Prompt: Analyze the image for the presence of Coca-Cola bottles, cans, or related materials. If detected, generate a Coca-Cola slogan that complements the objects and the background environment of the photo. Tell me only the slogan, no comment or details. If no Coca-Cola items are found, indicate that a new photo is needed containing Coca-Cola products.

AI Code for Culinary Innovation: Interactive Food Recipes

An AI Code for culinary applications can combine brand promotion with educational content. By analyzing images of food ingredients, it can suggest innovative recipes, thus serving as a valuable tool for culinary enthusiasts and promoting food-related brands.

AI Code - Food recipe

Prompt: Analyze the photo and identify all visible food ingredients. Suggest a recipe that incorporates these ingredients. If some ingredients are necessary to complete the recipe and are not present in the photo, indicate which ingredients are missing and advise to purchase them at Carefood. If the photo does not include any food ingredients, prompt to retake the photo with the food ingredients included.

AI Code for Creative Inspiration: Generating Personalized Quotes

Here is an AI Code designed for generating inspirational content suggests quotes based on elements captured in a photo, providing users with a source of creativity and inspiration.

AI Code - Quotes

Prompt: Analyze the photograph and identify any objects and the environment depicted. Then, provide a quote from a famous individual that is contextually relevant to the recognized objects and environment. Tell me only the quote and its author, no details or comments. If no objects or relevant environment are detected, indicate that a new photo including these elements is needed.

These varied applications underscore the transformative impact of AI Codes in different sectors, offering intelligent, user-centric solutions that cater to specific needs.

Embracing Multilingual Capabilities: AI Codes Across Languages

A cornerstone of our AI Codes is their multilingual prowess, mirroring the versatility of the AR Code interface. Whether crafting prompts or using the AI Code Prompt Generator, users can engage in over 27 languages. This feature ensures that the responses generated by the AI are not only accurate but also delivered with native pronunciation and cultural nuance in the chosen language. This multilingual capability enhances the accessibility and inclusivity of AI Codes, making them a valuable tool for global audiences.

Illustrating the artistic potential of this technology, consider an AI Code that creates Haiku in Japanese, drawing inspiration from the context captured in the photo. Here it is:

AI Code - Japanese Haiku

Prompt: 写真にあるものから日本の俳句を教えてください。 俳句だけ教えてください。 コメント、詳細、説明はありません

This not only showcases the linguistic flexibility of our AI but also adds a layer of cultural richness and artistic expression to the user experience. Through such innovative applications, AI Codes transcend technological boundaries, offering a blend of practical utility and creative exploration across languages and cultures.

Smart Glasses and AI Assistance

The emergence of AI assistants extends beyond traditional handheld devices, permeating diverse technological ecosystems. This is exemplified by the innovative collaboration between Meta and EssilorLuxottica, which brought forth the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. Launched on September 27, 2023, these smart glasses are a testament to the seamless integration of AI into daily wearable technology, marking a significant advancement in this domain.

AI Code Rayban Meta

By incorporating AI-powered visual analysis, akin to the functionality of AI Codes, the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses set a new standard in the wearable tech space. This integration heralds a future where AI assistants are not just common but essential, providing creative and innovative interactions across a multitude of devices and platforms.

At AR Code, we specialize in offering B2B AR solutions that enable both small and large businesses to easily integrate AR and AI technologies into their operations. Unlike the broader approach of Meta, our services are tailored specifically to the business sector, ensuring that the AI assistant activated by our AI Code is uniquely responsive to the specific needs and prompts of your business.


At AR Code, our commitment to innovation in AR technology is unwavering. AI Codes represent a significant advancement in this journey, offering intuitive, personalized interactions that have the potential to revolutionize consumer behavior and experiences. We eagerly anticipate the inventive ways our clients will employ AI Codes to augment their services and products.

Stay connected for more innovative updates from AR Code, where we blend technology with creativity to unlock new possibilities.

Frequently asked questions

What are AI Codes and how do they differ from traditional QR Codes?

AI Codes are an evolution of traditional QR Codes that use augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a personalized experience. When scanned, these codes invite users to capture an image, which is then analyzed by AI based on pre-set prompts, offering customized responses or recommendations.

What are some practical applications of AI Codes?

AI Codes have a wide range of applications including brand engagement, customer experience enhancement, fashion advice, antique valuation, environmental education, marketing, culinary innovation, and creative inspiration. They can be adapted for various industries such as retail, education, and marketing, providing tailored experiences like generating promotional sentences, wine expert recommendations, fashion insights, and more.

How does the AI Code Prompt Generator enhance the utility of AI Codes?

The AI Code Prompt Generator is a tool within the AR Code platform that helps users design effective prompts for AI photo analysis. This ensures that even when crucial analysis elements aren’t evident in the initial imagery, the AI can still provide accurate and useful information.

Can AI Codes function in multiple languages?

Yes, a key feature of AI Codes is their multilingual capability. They can engage in over 27 languages, ensuring that responses generated by the AI are not only accurate but also culturally nuanced and delivered with native pronunciation.

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