Augmented Reality Codes in Education

13 Jun 2020

The world of education is constantly evolving, but not as fast as the new technologies. If education has been for a long time supported by emails or even videoconferences, with Augmented Reality technology the whole educational process will change for the next generations.

How new technologies changed education? 

Nowadays, students are more concerned with new technologies than they were in the 90s. In fact, as children are more and more surrounded by new technologies, education has to fit this habit. 

AR Code is a new technology that allows you to interact in real-time with 3D content in your direct environment. With an AR QR Code, you can add 3D interactive content in the real world that surrounds you.

You can scan by default an AR QR Code with an iOS or Android device. Augmented Reality Code can be printed on a brochure, a showcase, a packaging, or an educational book... The scanning process is simple, just point at the code, it will download the digital content then let you interact with the 3D model, video, sound, game or information that appear in Augmented Reality on your device's screen. The process takes a few seconds. 

AR Code in today’s educational system

Students are attracted to new technologies, the AR Code concept is quickly adopted by young generations. Introducing AR Code in the educational field facilitates visual and interactive learning. The AR Code could be, for instance:

  • used to display games such as 3D logic games, 3D puzzle, and memory games at elementary school.
  • used for the science courses to show the fauna and flora at college.
  • used in biology, to display the organs of the human body, their functioning at high-school.
  • used to display complex data at university.

Here is an example of a DNA molecule displayed via an AR Code:


AR qr code for Education DNA

AR Code can also be advantageous to dispense learning through videos or hologramsRegarding professional education, AR Codes could also be introduced for industrial learning while displaying machines operation, like the whole processes of their function or an expert explanation via a video. 

How can AR QR Code transform education? 

AR Code is advantageous for education, both for the students and the instructors. Used as a tool AR Code can support learning and teaching at university, college, high school and also primary school. It facilitates students' access to information that can be presented in many attractive formats.

As this educative method uses mobile devices, it is more accessible for the students. It let them make more self-learning anywhere and at any time: during the class, on holidays, at home etc... Adapting AR QR Code in today’s educational system enhances the learning performance.