Here is how AR Code is going to transform industrial companies and manufacturing

Friday 17th of December 2021 06:59:32 AM |

As the use of new technologies grows and expands, industrial companies must update themselves to remain successful. The Metaverse and Augmented Reality in particular can have a number of benefits to industrial companies, their employees, and their customers.

Metaverse and Augmented Reality

The Metaverse is a collection technologies related to making use of scenarios, tools and services in a shared synthetic environment that can be accessed and traversed with the help of an advanced VR and AR head-mounted display.

Augmented Reality is one of those Metaverse technologies that layers digital information over the real world. Augmented Reality brings the physical and digital worlds together to generate a new reality. It enhances products, services, events and environments with virtual elements in real time.

AR can make it easier to discover and view relevant, timely information in your direct environment. Today mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used to access AR content. In the future, it will be possible to access an Augmented Reality metaverses through AR headsets or other technologies that are under development like AR glasses.

Many people are familiar with very simple AR entertainment applications, such as Snap chat filters and the game Pokémon Go. However, in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environments, AR is already being used for a variety of purposes that are much more important for the success of a business.

Educational institutions, public administrations, small and medium businesses (SMBs), large private companies and government agencies are all starting to use Augmented Reality.

Are industrial companies ready for the Augmented Reality revolution?

Industry is a major sector of the economy, based on the production of goods. One of its important goal is its familiarity with new technologies, especially the future of manufacturing processing technologies.

Augmented reality technology can already been applied in various industrial contexts:

  • Simplified Assembly Instructions
  • Efficient Equipment Maintenance
  • Increasing Worker Productivity
  • Lowering Operational Costs
  • Improving Quality Assurance
  • Improving Sales and Marketing

AR Code is a powerful and simple way to implement augmented reality experiences in these different processes.

AR Code helps the manufacturing process

AR Code is an easy way to create and manage Augmented Reality experiences. Using just a simple QR Code, anyone with an Android or iOS device can scan it and then play your AR content. You can easily publish, update and track your AR experiences from the AR Code platform.

In the near future, augmented reality will change how we study, make choices, and interact with the real world. It will also change how enterprises serve customers, train employees, design and create products, and manage their value chains.

For example, AR Codes could be printed and affixed to the surfaces of industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment. The AR QR code can display step-by-step 3D assembly instructions, or it can represent complex collaborative projects in three dimensions for easy inspection. This technology may also be used to improve collaboration in virtual spaces with 3D holograms or videos.

Industrial AR QR Code

Companies can also use the AR Code technology for industrial equipment maintenance. For example, companies can use AR Codes to display numerical data in augmented reality on a machine's status. This feature helps workers increase productivity. For example, it enables them to instantly see machine data such as electricity consumption level while they're in the field.

In the marketing domain, augmented reality codes can be helpful for the manager who wants to improve sales. This technology can be used in presentations of products or services on brochures, websites, or within social media.

To see what AR Code can do for your business, scan the example codes and try the SaaS platform with our Free trial plan.

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