AR QR Codes for interactive advertising

06 Jun 2020

The advertising industry tends to make emotional connections with brands through sight, sound, and motion. If the television and internet have for years proved that efficiency, Augmented Reality’s revolution is shaking up the ads world by drastically transforming customer experiences. AR tends to promise great changes to interactive advertising.

What is interactive advertising?

Interactive ads are digital ads made for interaction. They can be displayed on PC, tablets, and smartphones. Using interactive ads presents many benefits such as higher conversions and retention rates, increased LTV (lifetime value), and increased brand awareness. In a combination of rich media and videos, the Augmented Reality rendering will definitely boost interactive ad engagement.

What is Augmented Reality or AR?

AR is a 3D rendering technology to superimpose information to the world we see through a mobile screen or AR glasses. Augmented Reality can add 3D experiences to reality. It differs from the virtual reality by the fact that it does not immerse totally the user in a virtual world.

AR Code technology allows us to create, manage, and track AR experiences that will be displayed through a simple code scan. An AR QR Code is readable by default on Android/iOS.

How can Augmented Reality be used with interactive advertising?

An AR QR Code can boost interactive advertising in many ways. It can improve emotional connection through an AR rendering that immerse the consumer,  and it improves the hyper-local advertising by placing the AR experience anywhere (packaging, place, showcase, website,...).

Many major brands have adopted AR for their advertising campaign: IKEA, Pepsi, Sephora, Lacoste, LEGO, etc.

To adopt AR Code technology for your brand advertising, you may base your strategies on original and simple ideas, here are some examples:

  • AR Code for make-up experience
  • AR Code to display a car

AUDI Car advertisment AR code

  • AR Code for a virtual assistance

Virtual assistant AR code

  • AR Code for interactive showcase
  • AR Code to display customer reviews
  • AR Code to display a simple product

AR QR code shoes advertising

Beer ad AR QR code

  • AR Code to display a smartphone

iPhone Augmented Reality AR code

AR QR Codes tracking and re-targeting

The AR Code platform offers many features to manage and track your AR experiences. On a powerful dashboard, each of your codes has a statistics page which includes scans data (date, location, and device information). A pro feature lets you export those data in a CSV file.

Another essential AR Code pro feature is the Re-targeting system. Each code is allowed to send visitors data to the major advertising platforms: Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Linkedin, Twitter, AdRoll, Quora. This feature can let you re-target your AR Code scanners through dedicated campaigns.