Sports centers virtual coaching with AR QR Codes

07 Jun 2020

AR Code is a new technology to augment daily life. Simple and practical, professionals can use it to enhance their methods and boost their fame.

Sports centers coaching

Sports centers are places to practice indoor sports, stretching, fitness or to train for a special purpose: sports competition, dancing show, etc. Many sports center owners already suggest some home virtual coaching to their customers. This coaching method, famous on Youtube, can attract many new customers especially the ones that will never show up in a gym. Using AR Codes to show this virtual coaching from a website or a brochure is advantageous in many ways, both for the contractor and its customers.

AR Codes to implement virtual coaching

AR QR Codes or Augmented Reality Codes allow you to enhance an extra dimension to the place or product you are checking by adding 3D content to the reality that surrounds you. It combines the view of the real-world environment with computerized 3D data rendered in real-time. AR Codes can be displayed anywhere: packaging, brochure, website, showcase, sports equipment,...

AR QR Code scanning is supported by default on Android & iOS devices and on the Magic Leap AR glasses. On the creator side, it's a simple and lightweight web service with pro features like teamwork, tracking, re-targeting...

Why using AR Codes ? 

Here are some advantages for sports centers to use AR Codes.

  • Spending time to the sports centers is not allowed for everybody. If some of your customers just have a few times a day to practice sport, using AR Codes for some virtual coaching could be a good solution.
  • AR Codes can be used in the gym, you can display a virtual coach in the form of a hologram or a coaching video. This last can teach, guide, boost your customer's motivation, or show practical information such as safety tips or sports monitoring. 
  • Using AR Codes for bodybuilding training could be useful as it needs safety advice or assistance in the use of heavy equipment
  • Through an AR Code you could give health assistance with the biological details of the body movements, like showing up the muscles that are being used for a specific move.
  • Here is an example of a virtual assistant to welcome customers


Sport Center assistant AR QR code