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How to add Augmented Reality on a Business Card with an AR QR Code ?

AR Code Tech | 07/11/2023 |

Discover the power of Augmented Reality technology and transform your business cards into unforgettable interactive experiences. With just a smartphone and an AR Code printed on your card, you can captivate your prospects and leave a lasting impression.

AR Code: Transforming Business Cards into Interactive Experiences

AR Code is a cutting-edge technology that enables you to create immersive AR experiences through AR QR Codes. These codes provide easy access to engaging content on your business cards.

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Compatible with a wide range of devices, AR Code experiences work seamlessly with the latest versions of Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore, and on any device supporting WebAR.

Revolutionize your business cards using AR Code to showcase a 3D AR logo, 3D AR text, an AR Video, or a 3D model, all without requiring your prospects to download any additional apps.

AR Video Example on a Business Card

AR Video Coca Cola

Learn more about AR Videos: Play Videos over Augmented Reality QR Codes

AR 3D Logo Example on a Business Card

AR 3D logo on a business card

Discover more about AR Logos: AR Logo: Automatically Design 3D Logos from SVG Image Files

Enhance Your AR Experiences with Object Capture

Using the AR Code Object Capture tool, you can easily create and integrate 3D scans into your AR experiences. This powerful feature allows you to scan objects and instantly generate 3D models that can be embedded into your AR business cards, making them more interactive and engaging. Learn more about this feature: Object Capture.

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Design Your Own AR Business Card

Explore our innovative technology and generate a variety of AR Code experiences, such as AR Face Filters, AR Texts, AR Videos, AR Logos, AR Photos, and AR Portals.

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Elevate your business cards with embedded AR content, viewable universally on smartphones and tablets, and create a memorable connection with your prospects.

Frequently asked questions

What are AR Business Cards, and how do they work?

Augmented Reality Business Cards are an innovative way to transform traditional business cards into interactive and engaging experiences. By using AR Code technology, you can create AR experiences such as 3D logos, 3D texts, AR videos, or 3D models that are associated with AR QR Codes printed on your business cards. When scanned with a compatible device, the AR content is displayed, providing an unforgettable experience for your prospects without needing to download any additional apps.

Are AR Business Cards compatible with all smartphones and tablets?

With AR Code technology, AR Business Cards are designed to be universally accessible on a wide range of devices. They are compatible with devices running the latest versions of Apple's ARKit or Google's ARCore, as well as any device supporting WebAR. This ensures that the majority of smartphones and tablets can access and display the AR content on your business cards.

How can I create my own AR Business Card?

To create your own AR Business Card, you can use AR Code technology to generate various AR experiences such as AR Texts, AR Videos, AR Logos, AR Photos, or AR Portals. Once you have created your AR content, simply print the corresponding AR QR Code on your business cards to provide your prospects with an engaging and memorable experience.

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