AR Code technology for Museums

05 Jun 2020

QR Codes has for decades allowed the consumer to verify the authenticity of the products or to link a website, AR Code permits further and smarter findings to virtually explore products or places. AR Code has developed a service to display photogrammetric 3D reproductions via an Augmented Reality rendering interface.

Museums and innovative technologies

Gathering at the same time history, culture, science, and social life, museums are the places to learn from the past. These institutions are dedicated to the preservation of the value attributed to some old objects, persons, animals, cultures, or even technologies. These institutions are devoted to their displays.

To be trendy, museums should take over new alternatives not only to attract younger visitors but also to preserve the treasures they hold. As it is universally acquired that the objects displayed in the museums are expensive and fragile, new technologies should be used to preserve them. Installing surveillance cameras, lasers for their protection, proposing virtual tours on websites is a good start, but some AR technologies could offer much more.

AR Code revolutionize the way people visit museums

Among the new technologies promoted to improve museum interactivity, AR Code is a technology used to get access to immersive 3D experiences anywhere. Also known as the Augmented Reality Code, this personalized technology offers many practical applications in the cultural industry. It can be bright to use it within a museum, for an artwork virtual view or to get access to a fully immersive museum tour.

AR Code platform provides a simple and lightweight web service with pro features like tracking and teamwork. Developed for professionals and customizable, it allows managing and tracking the use of AR experiences.

Using AR Code for Museums

Using AR Code, museums can show up the detail of a work or the operation of a machine via a 3D animation or an Augmented Reality video. That boosts their fame and enhance their reputation. It's also possible to use the AR Code to share the museum AR experiences via its brochure or on its website.

For instance, you can peep in detail a specific painting without moving from your living room. You just have to scan the AR Code and live experiments with the 3D view or the full museum immersion.

Try the AR experience presented above by scanning this AR Code:

AR Code museum


Otherwise, considering the current pandemic situation, using AR Codes for a Virtual Reality tour can be very advantageous for both the museum’s owners and the visitor. The AR Codes for virtual visits to museums in VR (virtual reality) without going to the museum is significant to preserve yourself from the virus against which the world fights.