VIDEO TUTORIAL: Generate 3D text on AR Code Studio

28 Apr 2020

NEW: We have developed a new feature to generate 3D AR text from typing in our AR Code creation interface. With one click, your 3D text experience will be created. Our 3D processing server will automatically generate and convert 3D models for AR rendering.

3D text to AR

Here is a demonstration video of this powerful new feature:


Previous method to generate 3D text AR Code:

Generate an Augmented Reality experience with 3D text in few minutes.

love text AR

3D preview:

love ar code

To name a person, a brand, an expression, a piece of information  a 3D text in AR is a great experience. To start your 3D modeling, launch AR Code Studio then follow the instructions from this video tutorial.

  1. Delete the 3D cube 
  2. Create the 3D text 
  3. Edit the text 
  4. Edit the text size 
  5. Edit the text position 
  6. Add a texture (any image file, here is a blue color image) 
  7. Export the .gltf file 
  8. Generate your AR Code