3D NFTs can be viewed in Augmented Reality with an AR QR Code

AR Code Tech | 14/11/2023 |

At AR Code, we believe that Augmented Reality and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are on the verge of becoming mainstream, thanks to the ongoing Web3 revolution. These cutting-edge technologies have the potential to greatly enhance and expand our interaction with digital content and assets, offering fresh and innovative ways for businesses to engage their customers.

Our mission is to explore and develop these technologies, supporting the growth of both the AR and NFT industries.

Immersive 3D NFTs Enhanced by Augmented Reality

3D NFTs are a new category of digital collectibles that incorporate 3D models. By utilizing augmented reality technology, these models can be brought to life in the physical world, creating more immersive and interactive experiences.

Porcelain Horse Statue 3D Model and its AR Code

Innovative AR Code Solutions for 3D NFTs

AR Code addresses the challenge of easily and quickly showcasing 3D-modeled NFT assets in the real world.

Our AR Code SaaS solution facilitates the seamless display of 3D NFTs in augmented reality through AR QR Codes, enabling the creation of unique and interactive experiences.

AR Code NFT Display

AR Code: A SaaS Platform for Crafting and Managing Immersive AR Experiences

AR Code technology empowers businesses to design, manage, and visualize captivating augmented reality experiences. With a variety of creative tools and features, our technology ensures that AR projects are interactive and engaging for consumers.

Using AR Code, businesses can effortlessly create and manage their own custom AR QR Code experiences.

The 3D file upload feature of AR Code technology enables businesses to associate a 3D model NFT with an AR Code.

Businesses can control the accessibility of their 3D NFTs and anchor them to specific locations such as physical spaces, products, showcases, documents, or websites. This functionality provides greater flexibility and control over the integration of 3D NFTs in AR strategies.

Analyzing and Tracking AR QR Code Performance

AR Code technology includes a scan statistics and tracking feature that allows businesses to retarget users who have scanned their AR Codes. This functionality provides insights into the effectiveness of AR campaigns and enables targeted marketing efforts towards users who are already interested in a company's products or services.

This feature helps companies better understand and engage with their customers, providing a more personalized and effective marketing strategy. For more information: Retarget users from an AR QR Code scan

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 3D NFTs and how do they relate to augmented reality?

3D NFTs are a new type of digital collectible that include a 3D model. Augmented reality technology allows these 3D models to be displayed in the real world, offering a more immersive and interactive experience compared to traditional 2D NFTs.

How does AR Code help display 3D NFTs in augmented reality?

AR Code provides a SaaS solution that enables easy display of 3D NFTs in augmented reality using AR QR Codes. By scanning the AR QR Code, users can experience unique and interactive 3D NFT content within their physical surroundings.

What is the 3D file upload feature of AR Code technology?

The 3D file upload feature of AR Code technology allows companies to associate a 3D model NFT with an AR Code. This allows users to access and interact with the 3D NFT in augmented reality by scanning the AR Code.

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