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3D NFTs can be viewed in Augmented Reality with an AR QR Code

AR Code Tech | 14/11/2023

At AR Code, we believe that Augmented Reality and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are on the verge of becoming mainstream, thanks to the ongoing Web3 revolution. These cutting-edge technologies have the potential to greatly enhance and expand our interaction with digital content and assets, offering fresh and innovative ways for businesses to engage their customers.

AR Codes on Packaging to Display 3D Animations, Videos, or Data in Augmented Reality

AR Code Tech | 13/11/2023

AR Code technology is revolutionizing the way companies interact with customers by adding an AR QR Code to their packaging, enabling customers to access augmented reality 3D content.

Scan AR Codes to Display Products from an Online Store in Augmented Reality

AR Code Tech | 12/11/2023

The AR Code web service revolutionizes the way companies showcase their products by integrating augmented reality experiences. This innovative approach creates immersive and interactive user experiences, enhancing the appeal and value of a company's products.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to convert a 3D CAD model from STP STEP or IGS IGES formats to GLB or OBJ

Tutorials | 11/11/2023

3D CAD models are essential in professional settings such as industry and manufacturing, architecture firms, and design studios. These files can be manipulated and edited using specialized CAD software.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to compress / reduce the size of an industrial 3D CAD model with MeshLab and Blender?

Tutorials | 10/11/2023

We previously published a tutorial on reducing the file size of 3D models with Blender, which is an effective method for most 3D models, including animated ones. However, for high-definition static CAD models, we offer an alternative approach to achieve optimal results for your final AR render.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to compress / reduce the size of a 3D model in Blender (GLB, GLTF, DAE, FBX, OBJ...)?

Tutorials | 09/11/2023

Blender is a powerful open-source software designed for creating 3D graphics, animations, and visual effects. It supports a wide array of file formats for importing and exporting, including GLB, GLTF, DAE, OBJ, ABC, USD, BVH, PLY, STL, FBX, and X3D. This adaptability makes it an invaluable tool for diverse 3D projects and workflows. (

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Display a 3D Scan Photogrammetry in Augmented Reality with an AR Code

Tutorials | 08/11/2023

Discover how AR Code enables users to easily upload and render photogrammetric scans of their creations in augmented reality, and share them through AR QR Codes for an immersive experience.

How to add Augmented Reality on a Business Card with an AR QR Code ?

AR Code Tech | 07/11/2023

Discover the power of Augmented Reality technology and transform your business cards into unforgettable interactive experiences. With just a smartphone and an AR Code printed on your card, you can captivate your prospects and leave a lasting impression.

AR Video: Play Videos Over Augmented Reality QR Codes

AR Code Tech | 06/11/2023

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows digital content to be displayed in the real world. Currently, AR is mainly accessed through smartphones, but the introduction of augmented reality glasses in 2023 has expanded its reach.

AR Logo, to Automatically Design 3D logos from SVG image files

AR Code Tech | 05/11/2023

Augmented Reality is rapidly becoming a part of daily online activities, essential for businesses to remain competitive in the digital era. AR is popular on social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok, offering users various AR Filters and effects to enhance photos and videos.

How to Track and Retarget Users from your AR QR Code Experiences?

AR Code Tech | 04/11/2023

Leverage conversion tracking tools from leading ad platforms like Facebook Ads and Google AdWords to gather valuable data on your AR Code experiences. Use this data to generate retargeted ads and effectively monitor the performance of your AR Codes.

What are Custom Pages & How to create one?

AR Code Tech | 03/11/2023

Learn how to create a unique and branded AR experience with Custom Pages. This feature allows premium users to add a banner, logo, URL link, and messages on a special page that appears between the AR Code scan and its display. This is a great way to showcase your brand, drive user behavior, and enhance the AR experience.

Uploading 3D Models on AR Code, What File Size and Format?

AR Code Tech | 02/11/2023

AR Code is a cutting-edge platform that simplifies hosting and managing 3D files, enabling the creation and sharing of immersive AR experiences with your target audience.

How AR Code is going to Transform Industrial and Manufacturing Companies

AR Code Tech | 01/11/2023

Augmented Reality offers numerous benefits to industrial companies, their employees, and customers, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to create an AR Portal and anchor it with an AR Code?

Tutorials | 31/10/2023

AR Portals are immersive augmented reality experiences that can revolutionize the way businesses showcase their products or services, providing potential customers with a deeper level of engagement before making a purchase decision.

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